Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel.

Bible References


Psalm 88:4
I am counted with them who descend into the pit, I have become as a man that is without help;
Isaiah 38:11
I said - I shall not see Yah, Yah, in the land of the living, I shall discern the son of earth no longer, with the dwellers in the quiet land.

A broken vessel

Psalm 2:9
Thou shalt shepherd them with a sceptre of iron, - as a potter's vessel, shalt thou dash them in pieces.
Psalm 119:83
Though I have been like a wine-skin in the smoke, thy statutes, have I not forgotten.
Isaiah 30:14
Yea he will break it - as the breaking of the pitcher of a potter, crushed, he will not spare; So that there shall not be found when it is smashed, A sherd wherewith to snatch fire from a hearth, Or to skim off water out of a cistern.
Romans 9:21
Or hath not the potter a right over the clay - out of the same lump, to make some, indeed, into a vessel for honour, and some for dishonour?
Revelation 2:27
and he shall shepherd them with a sceptre of iron, - as, vessels of earthenware, are dashed in pieces: - as, I also, have received from my Father.