1 A song of chanting to Asaph. O God, not stillness to thee: thou wilt not be silent, and thou wilt not rest, O God. 2 For behold, thine enemies will be clamorous; and they hating thee lifted up the head. 3 Against thy people they will make crafty consultation, and they will counsel against thy hidden ones. 4 They said, Come, and we will cut them off from a nation; and the name of Israel shall no more be remembered. 5 For they counseled together with the heart: they will cut out a covenant against thee: 6 The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagarites. 7 Gebel and Ammon and Amalek; the rovers with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8 Also Assur was joined with them: they were an arm to the sons of Lot Silence.
9 Do to them as Midian, as Sisera, as Jabin, at the torrent Bison: 10 They were destroyed at the fountain of the dwelling: they were dung to the earth. 11 Set them their nobles as Oreb, and as Zeeb: and as Zebah and as Zalmunna, all their princes: 12 Who said, We will inherit for us the dwellings of God.
13 O my God, set them as a wheel; as straw before the wind. 14 As fire will burn the forest, and as the flame will cause the mountains to burn. 15 So wilt thou pursue them with thy tempest, and thew wilt terrify them with thy whirlwind: 16 Fill their face with contempt, and they shall seek thy name, O Jehovah. 17 They shall be ashamed and terrified, even to forever; and they shall be put to shame and perish. 18 And they shall know that thou, thy name Jehovah alone, the Most High over all the earth.