1 Chanting a song to the day of Sabbath. It is good to confess to Jehovah, to play on the harp to thy name, O Most High. 2 To announce in the morning thy mercy, and thy faithfulness in the night. 3 Upon a ten stringed instrument, and upon the lyre; with the murmurs upon the harp.
4 For thou didst gladden me, O Jehovah, by thy work: I will rejoice in the works of thy hands. 5 How great were thy works, O Jehovah! thy thoughts were very deep. 6 A brutish man shall not know, and a fool shall not understand this. 7 In the putting forth of the unjust as grass, and all working iniquity shall flourish; to destroy them even to forever: 8 And thou being high, O Jehovah, forever. 9 For behold, thine enemies, O Jehovah, for behold, thine enemies shall perish; all working iniquity shall be dispersed. 10 My horn shall be lifted up as a buffalo: I was poured over with fresh oil. 11 And mine eye shall look upon mine enemies: in the risings up of the unjust against me, mine ears shall hear.
12 The just one shall flourish as the palm tree: he shall become great as the cedar in Lebanon. 13 Those being planted in the house of Jehovah, shall flourish in the enclosures of our God. 14 They shall yet sprout in old as; they shall be fat and green. 15 To announce that Jehovah is upright: my rock and no iniquity in him.