2 Kings 4:8-17 - Elisha At Shunem

8 And it will be the day, and Elisha will pass through to Shunem, and a great woman there; and she will lay hold on him to eat bread. And it will be as often as he passed by, he will turn aside there to eat bread. 9 And she will say to her husband, Behold now, I knew that he is a holy man of God, passing by us continually. 10 Now we will make a little wall chamber and put for him there a bed and a table, and a throne and a candlestick; and being in his coming to us he will turn aside there.

11 And the day will be and he will come there, and he will turn aside into the chamber, and lie there. 12 And he will say to Gehazi his boy, Call for this Shunamitess. And he will call for her, and she will stand before him.

13 And he will say to him, Say now to her, Behold, thou didst hasten for us all this concern; what to be done for thee? is it to speak for thee to the king, or to the chief of the army? And she will say, In the midst of my people I dwell.

14 And he will say, And what to be done for her? And Gehazi will say. Truly, not a son to her, and her husband an old man.

15 And he will say, Call to her. And he will call to her, and she will stand in the door. 16 And he will say, At this appointment about the time thou living to embrace a son. And she will say, My lord, thou man of God, do not deceive With thy servant

17 And the woman will conceive and bear a son at this appointment about the time of living which Elisha spake to her.