Ezekiel 27:26-36 - The Destruction Of Tyre

26 Thy rower brought thee into many waters: the wind of the east broke thee in the heart of the seas. 27 Thy riches and thy markets, thy traffic, thy seamen, and thy shipmen, they making strong thy breach, and they trafficking thy traffic, and all the men of thy war that are in thee, and in all thy convocation which is in the midst of thee, they shall fall into the heart of the sea, in the day of thy fall.

28 At the voice of the cry of thy shipmen, the areas shall shake. 29 All holding the oars, the seamen and the shipmen of the sea, shall come down from their ships, they shall stand upon the earth. 30 And with their voice they shall cause to be heard against thee, and they shall cry with bitterness, and they shall bring up dust upon their heads, and they shall roll themselves in ashes. 31 And they made themselves bald with baldness for thee, and they girded themselves with sackcloth, and they wept for thee with bitterness of soul and bitter wailing.

32 And their sons lifted up a lamentation for thee, and they lamented over thee: Who as Tyre, as she desolated in the midst of the sea? 33 In the going forth of thy markets from the seas thou didst satisfy many peoples; with the multitude of thy riches and thy traffics thou didst enrich the kings of the earth. 34 The time thou wert broken from the seas in the depths of the waters, thy traffic and all thy convocation fell in the midst of thee. 35 All the inhabitants of the isles were astonished at thee, and their kings shuddering, shuddered; the faces were moved. 36 The merchants among the peoples hissed at thee; thou wert terrors; and thou not, even forever.