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Reference: Abishua


Son of Phinehasm and fourth high priest, 1Ch 6:50. He was probably a contemporary of Eglon and Ehud, Jg 3.

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father of welfare; i.e., "fortunate."

(1.) The grandson of Benjamin (1Ch 8:4).

(2.) The son of Phinehas the high priest (1Ch 6:4-5,50; Ezr 7:5).

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("father of safety".)

1. Son of Phinehas, fourth high priest (1Ch 6:50). The Chronicon of Alexandria shows that his pontificate included the period of Ehud's judgeship, and probably of Eglon's oppression. Father of Bukki (1Ch 6:4-5,50-51; Ezr 7:4-5). Josephus (Ant. 8:1, 3) says he was succeeded in the priesthood by Eli; his descendants, until Zadok, falling to the rank of private persons.

2. Son of Bela of Benjamin: 1Ch 8:4.

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1. Son of Phinehas and father of Bukki (1Ch 6:4 f., 50, Ezr 7:5); called in 1Es 8:2 Abisue, and in 2Es 1:2 Abissei. 2. A Benjamite (1Ch 8:4; cf. Nu 26:38 ff.).

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1. Son of Phinehas (son of Eleazar), and father of Bukki. 1Ch 6:4-5,50; Ezr 7:5. Josephus says that Abishua was high priest after Phinehas. Ant. viii. 1, 3.

2. Son of Bela, and grandson of Benjamin. 1Ch 8:1,4.

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