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A city of Asher, from which, however, the Jews were unable to expel the Canaanites, Jg 1:31. It was afterwards called by the Greeks, Ecdippa, and is now named Zib; it lay on the seacoast, ten miles north of Acre.

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(1.) A town in the Shephelah, or plain country of Judah (Jos 15:44); probably the same as Chezib of Ge 38:5 = Ain Kezbeh.

(2.) A Phoenician city (the Gr. Ecdippa), always retained in their possession though assigned to the tribe of Asher (Jos 19:29; Jg 1:31). It is identified with the modern es-Zib, on the Mediterranean, about 8 miles north of Accho.

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1. In Judah, in the shephelah or plain country of Judah on the western borderland toward the Philistines and the sea; the Chezib of Ge 38:5; Jos 15:44; Mic 1:14, where the meaning of the name ("a lie") is alluded to.

2. In Asher, but, like Accho and Sidon, never wrested from the aboriginal Phoenicians (Jg 1:31). Ten miles N. of Acre, on the Mediterranean; considered on the return from Babylon the northernmost boundary of the Holy Land. Now Es-zib.

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1. A town in Asher (Jos 19:29), from which the natives could not be dislodged (Jg 1:31): it lay on the coast between Acre and Tyre. The early geographers called it Ekdippa; now ez-Zib. 2. In the S. of the Shephelah (Jos 15:44), near Mareshah. Mic 1:14 predicts that Achzib shall be to the kings of Judah achzab ('deceptive'), a stream whose waters fail when most needed (cf. Jer 15:18).

J. Taylor.

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1. City of Judah, Jos 15:44; Mic 1:14: probably the same that is called elsewhere CHEZIB and perhaps CHOZEBA. Identified with Ain Kezbeh, 31 42' N, 35 E.

2. City in the lot of Asher, but from which the inhabitants were not driven out. Jos 19:29; Jg 1:31. Identified with ez-Zib, a town on the Mediterranean coast, 33 3' N, 35 6' E.

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(lying, false).

1. A city in the lowlands of Judah, named with Keilah and Mareshah.

Jos 15:44; Mic 1:14

It is probably the same with CHEZIB and CHOZEBA, which see.

See Chezib

See Chozeba

2. A town belonging to Asher,

Jos 19:29

from which the Canaanites were not expelled,

Jg 1:31

afterwards Ecdippa. It is now es-Zib, on the seashore, 2h. 20m. north of Acre.

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ACHZIB, a city on the coast of the Mediterranean, in the tribe of Asher, and one of the cities out of which that tribe did not expel the inhabitants, Jg 1:31. It was called Ecdippa by the Greeks, and is at present termed Zib. It is situated about ten miles north of Accho, or Ptolemais. Mr. Buckingham, who passed by this place, says that it is small, and situated on a hill near the sea; having a few palm trees rearing themselves above its dwellings.

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