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The handmaid of Rachel, given by her to her husband Jacob when herself childless, that she might become a mother through her handmaid. Bilhah was the mother of Dan and Naphtali, Ge 30:1-8.

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faltering; bashful, Rachel's handmaid, whom she gave to Jacob (Ge 29:29). She was the mother of Dan and Naphtali (Ge 30:3-8). Reuben was cursed by his father for committing adultry with her (Ge 35:22; 49:4). He was deprived of the birth-right, which was given to the sons of Joseph.

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1. Rachel's handmaid (Ge 29:29). Rachel having no children gave Bilhah to her husband Jacob, who by the latter had two sons, Dan and Naphtali (Ge 30:1-8; 35:25; 46:25; 1Ch 7:13). Reuben, Jacob's firstborn, defiled her, and was therefore deprived of the birthright, which was given to the sons of Joseph (Ge 35:22; 49:4; 1Ch 5:1). Blunt says, so vivid was the desire for the promised Redeemer, that "the wife provoked, instead of resenting, the faithlessness of her husband, the mother taught her own child deceit, daughters deliberately worked their own and their fathers' shame, and the daughter-in-law courted the incestuous bed, and to be childless was a by-word" (Ge 16:2; 30:3,9; 25:23; 27:13; 19:31; 38:14).

2. A Simeonite town (1Ch 4:29), named also Baalah or Balah (Jos 19:3).

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1. A slave-girl given to Rachel by Laban (Ge 29:29 (Priestly Narrative)), and by her to Jacob as a concubine (Ge 30:3-4 (Jewish Encyclopedia)); the mother of Dan and Naphtali (Ge 30:4,7 (Jewish Encyclopedia) Ge 35:25 (Priestly Narrative) Ge 46:25 (Redactor), 1Ch 7:13). She was guilty of incest with Reuben (Ge 35:22 (Priestly Narrative)). The etymology is uncertain. These narratives and genealogies probably embody early traditions as to the origin and mutual relations of the tribes, rather than personal history. Tribes are traced to a concubine ancestress, because they were' a late accession to Israel. 2. A Simeonite city (1Ch 4:29) = Baalah (Jos 15:29), Balah (Jos 19:3), and, according to some, Baalath (Jos 19:44; 1Ki 9:18; 2Ch 8:6). Site uncertain.

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1. Handmaid of Rachel, and mother of Dan and Naphtali. Ge 29:29; 30:3-7; 35:22,25; 37:2; 46:25.

2. Town in Simeon, 1Ch 4:29: the same as BALAH in Jos 19:3. See BAALAH.

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(timid, bashful), handmaid of Rachel,

Ge 29:29

and concubine of Jacob, to whom she bore Dan and Naphtali.

Ge 30:3-8; 35:25; 46:25; 1Ch 7:13

(B.C 53.)

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BILHAH, Rachel's handmaid, given by her to Jacob her husband, as a concubinary wife, that, through her she might have a son, Ge 30:3-4, &c. See BARRENNESS.

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