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Heb. ner, Job 18:6; 29:3; Ps 18:28; Pr 24:20, in all which places the Revised Version and margin of Authorized Version have "lamp," by which the word is elsewhere frequently rendered. The Hebrew word denotes properly any kind of candle or lamp or torch. It is used as a figure of conscience (Pr 20:27), of a Christian example (Mt 5:14-15), and of prosperity (Job 21:17; Pr 13:9).

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Lamp more accurately represents the original than candle. Image of conscience, "the candle of the Lord, searching the inward man" (Pr 20:27). Of prosperity; the sinner's short candle soon goes out, the righteous shall shine as the sun forever (Job 21:17; 18:5; Pr 13:9; Mt 13:43). Of believers' bright example leading others to spiritual light (Mt 5:14). Of the gladdening influence of a ruler (2Sa 21:17). Of the all-seeing accuracy with which Jehovah will search out sinners, so that in no dark grainer can they escape punishment (Zep 1:12; Am 9:3). In beautiful contrast, as the woman in the parable "lit the candle, swept the house, and sought diligently until she found" the lost piece of silver, so God (Lu 15:8) searches out His elect so that not one is lost, and takes each out of the darkness of this world, and restores the divine image, with a view to their salvation.

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Used in the O.T. for any light either real or symbolical. Job said of God, "when his candle shined upon my head," Job 29:3; "the candle of the wicked shall be put out," Pr 24:20; whereas respecting 'the wise woman' it is said "her candle goeth not out by night." Pr 31:18. God will search Jerusalem with candles. Zep 1:12. In the N.T. the word signifies a lamp, and in some passages is typical of the testimony of God, which should be manifested in those receiving it, and should not be hidden. Lu 8:16; 11:33,36; etc. In the holy Jerusalem there will be no need of the candle of earthly light, for the Lord God shall shine upon them. Re 22:5. The modern 'candle' was not known in scripture times.

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