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a military fortress (1Ch 11:7), also probably a kind of tower used by the priests for making known anything discovered at a distance (1Ch 6:54). Castles are also mentioned (Ge 25:16) as a kind of watch-tower, from which shepherds kept watch over their flocks by night. The "castle" into which the chief captain commanded Paul to be brought was the quarters of the Roman soldiers in the fortress of Antonia (so called by Herod after his patron Mark Antony), which was close to the north-west corner of the temple (Ac 21:34), which it commanded.

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1. In Ge 25:16; Nu 31:10; 1Ch 6:54, an obsolete, if not erroneous, rendering in AV of a word denoting a nomad 'encampment' (so RV).

2. In 1Ch 11:5,7 AV speaks of the 'castle' of Zion, the citadel or acropolis of the Jebusite city, but RV renders as in 2Sa 5:7,9 'stronghold.' A different word (birah) is used of the castle or fort which in Nehemiah's day defended the Temple (Ne 2:8; 7:2), and of the fortified royal residence of the Persian kings at Susa (Ne 1:1; Es 1:2 etc.; RV 'palace,' marg. 'castle'). The fortress in Jerusalem to which the authors of the books of Maccabees and Josephus give the name of Acra, is termed 'the castle' in 2Ma 4:27; 2Ma 5:5; 2Ma 10:20 AV, where RV has throughout 'citadel' (so also 1Ma 1:33 and elsewhere). See, further. City, Fortification and Siegecraft,

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