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Some locust-like insect, now undistinguishable, De 28:38; 1Ki 8:37; Ps 78:46; 105:34; Isa 33:4. See LOCUST.

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the consumer. Used in the Old Testament (1Ki 8:37; 2Ch 6:28; Ps 78:46; Isa 33:4) as the translation of a word (hasil) the root of which means "to devour" or "consume," and which is used also with reference to the locust in De 28:38. It may have been a species of locust, or the name of one of the transformations through which the locust passes, locust-grub. It is also found (Ps 105:34; Jer 51:14,27; R.V., "cankerworm") as the rendering of a different Hebrew word, yelek, a word elsewhere rendered "cankerworm" (q.v.), Joe 1:4; 2:25. (See Locust.)

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Chacil, from chaacal to consume. As gazam is the gnawing locust, 'arbet the swarming locust, yalaq the licking locust, so chacil is the consuming, i.e. the most destructive, locust. Yeleq is also translated "caterpillar" (Ps 105:34), in other places "cankerworm." The chacil or consuming locust is the climax. The real foe meant in Joe 1:4 is the Assyrian Babylonian power, the Medo-Persian, the Graeco-Macedonian and Antiochus Epiphanes, Rome the fourth and most consuming foe of the four which successively ravaged Judaea.

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The representative in the Authorized Version of the Hebrew word chasil and yelek.

1. Chasil occurs in

1Ki 8:37; 2Ch 6:28; Ps 78:46; Isa 33:4; Joe 1:4

and seems to be applied to a locust, perhaps in its larva state.

2. Yelek. [LOCUST].

See Locust

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CATERPILLAR. ????. The word occurs De 28:38; Ps 68:35; Isa 33:4; 1Ki 8:37; 2Ch 6:28; Joe 1:4; 2:25. In the four last cited texts, it is distinguished from the locust, properly so called; and in Joe 1:4, is mentioned as "eating up" what the other species had left, and therefore might be called the consumer, by way of eminence. But the ancient interpreters are far from being agreed what particular species it signifies. The Septuagint in Chronicles, and Aquila in Psalms, render it ???????: so the Vulgate in Chronicles and Isaiah, and Jerom in Psalms, bruchus, the chafer, which is a great devourer of leaves. From the Syriac version, however, Michaelis is disposed to understand it the taupe grillon, "mole cricket," which, in its grub state, is very destructive to corn and other vegetables, by feeding on their roots. See LOCUST.

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