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Reference: Drink-Offering


A small quantity of wine, part of which was to be poured on the sacrifice or meat offering, and the residue given to the priests, Ex 29:40; Le 23:18; Nu 15:5,7. It may have been appointed as an acknowledgment that all the blessings of the earth are from God, Ge 35:14.

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consisted of wine (Nu 15:5; Ho 9:4) poured around the altar (Ex 30:9). Joined with meat-offerings (Nu 6:15,17; 2Ki 16:13; Joe 1:9,13; 2:14), presented daily (Ex 29:40), on the Sabbath (Nu 28:9), and on feast-days (Nu 28:14). One-fourth of an hin of wine was required for one lamb, one-third for a ram, and one-half for a bullock (Nu 15:5; 28:7,14). "Drink offerings of blood" (Ps 16:4) is used in allusion to the heathen practice of mingling the blood of animals sacrificed with wine or water, and pouring out the mixture in the worship of the gods, and the idea conveyed is that the psalmist would not partake of the abominations of the heathen.

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