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1. Abraham's chief servant, a Damascene (Ge 15:2 AV, Revised Version margin. The construction here is difficult, but the words can hardly be rendered as a double proper name as RV, 'Dammesek Eliezer.' Whatever the exact construction, the words, unless there is a corruption in the text, must be intended to suggest that Eliezer was in some way connected with Damascus). This same Eliezer is prob. the servant referred to in Ge 24:2. A son of Moses by Zipporah; so named to commemorate the deliverance of Moses from Pharaoh (Ex 18:4; 1Ch 23:15,17). 3. The son of Becher, a Benjamite (1Ch 7:8). 4. The son of Zichri, captain of the tribe of Reuben in David's reign (1Ch 27:16). 5. The son of Dodavahu of Mareshah, who prophesied the destruction of the fleet of ships which Jehoshaphat built in co-operation with Ahaziah (2Ch 20:37). 6. One of the 'chief men' whom Ezra sent to Casiphia to find Levites and Nethinim to join the expedition to Jerusalem (Ezr 8:16 f. [= 1Es 8:43 Eleazar]). 7. 8. 9. A priest, a Levite, and a son of Harim, who had married 'strange women' (Ezr 10:18. [= 1Es 9:19 Eleazar] 1Es 9:23; 1Es 9:31 [= 1Es 9:32 Elionas]). 10. One of the priests appointed to blow with the trumpets before the ark of God when David brought it from the house of Obed-edom to Jerus. (1Ch 15:24). 11. A Levite (1Ch 26:25). 12. An ancestor of our Lord (Lu 3:29).

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