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A favourite priestly name. 1. Father of Eliakim, Hezekiah's chief of the household (2Ki 18:18 etc.=Isa 36:3 etc., Isa 22:20-25). 2. A priest of Anathoth, probably of the line of Eli (see 1Ki 2:26-27), father of Jeremiah (Jer 1:1); he is not to be identified with the next. 3. The high priest in b.c. 621, who 'found' during the repairs of the Temple and brought to Josiah's notice, through Shaphan, 'the book of the law' (2Ki 22:3-11=2Ch 34:8-19), which occasioned the reformation of religion thereafter effected (2Ki 23:1-24=2Ch 34:29 to 2Ch 35:19). Hilkiah headed the deputation sent to consult Huldah on this discovery (2Ki 22:12-20=2Ch 34:20-28); and presided over the subsequent purification of the Temple (2Ki 23:4 ff.). He was a chief actor in the whole movement. There is no reason to doubt that his find was the genuine discovery of a lost law-book; this book was unmistakably the code of Deuteronomy (wh. see). 4. Father of the Gemariah of Jer 29:3. 5, 6. Levites of the clan of Merari (1Ch 6:45; 26:11). 7. A 'chief of the priests' returning from the Exile in b.c. 536 (Ne 12:7,21). 8. A companion of Ezra at the public reading of the Law (Ne 8:4); he appears as Ezekias in 1Es 9:43.

G. G. Findlay.

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