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the name of the original inhabitants of Jebus, mentioned frequently among the seven nations doomed to destruction (Ge 10:16; 15:21; Ex 3:8,17; 13:5, etc.). At the time of the arrival of the Israelites in Palestine they were ruled by Adonizedek (Jos 10:1,23). They were defeated by Joshua, and their king was slain; but they were not entirely driven out of Jebus till the time of David, who made it the capital of his kingdom instead of Hebron. The site on which the temple was afterwards built belonged to Araunah, a Jebusite, from whom it was purchased by David, who refused to accept it as a free gift (2Sa 24:16-25; 1Ch 21:24-25).

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A race of people, descendants of Canaan, son of Ham, living in Palestine when the land was promised to Abraham. Ge 10:16; 15:21. They were described by the spies as dwellers in the mountains. Nu 13:29. When the kings of the land combined against Gibeon for having made alliance with Israel, the Jebusites, who were apparently living in Jerusalem, were among them. They were defeated with great slaughter, and the king of Jerusalem was slain. Jos 10:1-23. They joined in another confederacy (Jos 11:3) and were again defeated, but they were not rooted out of the land; and Israel mingled with them in marriage. Jg 1:21; 3:5.

When David came to Jerusalem he was defied by the Jebusite inhabitants, who apparently held it by a strong fort; but 'David took the stronghold of Zion,' and called it the city of David. Some of the Jebusites were however in Jerusalem long after; for it was the threshing floor of Araunah, or Ornan, the Jebusite, that David bought at the time of the plague. 2Sa 5:6,8;

2Sa 24:16,18.

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(descendants of Jebus), The, were descended from the third son of Canaan.

Ge 10:16; 1Ch 1:14

The actual people first appear in the invaluable report of the spies.

Nu 13:29

When Jabin organized his rising against Joshua, the Jebusites joined him.

Jos 11:3

Jebus, which is Jerusalem, lost its king in the slaughter of Beth-horon,

Jos 10:1,5,26

comp. Josh 12:10 was sacked and burned by the men of Judah,

Jg 1:21

and its citadel finally scaled and occupied by David.

2Sa 5:6

After this they emerge from the darkness but once, in the person of Araunah the Jebusite, "Araunah the king," who appears before us in true kingly dignity in his well-known transaction with David.

2Sa 24:23; 1Ch 21:24-25

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