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City lying on the borders of Judah and Benjamin, the former name of which was KIRJATH-BAAL. Jos 15:60; 18:14. It was one of the four cities included in the compact made with Gibeon. The ark was removed to the hill of the city and remained there many years (see ABINADAB). Jos 9:17; 15:9; 18:15; Jg 18:12; 1Sa 6:21-7:2; 1Ch 2:50,52-53; 13:5-6; 2Ch 1:4; Ne 7:29; Jer 26:20. The city is also called KIRJATH in Jos 18:28; KIRJATH-ARIM in Ezr 2:25; BAALAH in Jos 15:9-11, and BAALE OF JUDAH in 2Sa 6:2. Identified by some with ruins at Erma, 31 46' N, 35 1' E.

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(the city of forests), first mentioned as one of the four cities of the Gibeonites,

Jos 9:17

it next occurs as one of the landmarks of the northern boundary of Judah, ch

Jos 15:9

and as the point at which the western and southern boundaries of Benjamin coincided, ch.

Jos 18:14-15

and in the last two passages we find that it bore another, perhaps earlier, name --that of the great Canaanite deity Baal, namely BAALAH and KIRJATH-BAAL. At this place the ark remained for twenty years.

See Baalah

See Kirjathbaal

1Sa 7:2

At the close of that time Kirjath-jearim lost its sacred treasure, on its removal by David to the house of Obed-edom the Gittite.

1Ch 13:5-6; 2Ch 1:4; 2Sa 6:2

etc. To Eusebius and Jerome it appears to have been well known. They describe it as a village at the ninth mile between Jerusalem and Diospolis (Lydda). These requirements are exactly fulfilled in the small modern village of Kuriet-el-Enab --now usually known as Abu Gosh, from the robber chief whose headquarters it was --on the road from Jaffa and Jerusalem.

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