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a bow. (1.) A Levite of the family of Merari (1Ch 23:21; 24:29).

(2.) A Benjamite of Jerusalem (1Ch 8:30; 9:36).

(3.) A Levite in the time of Hezekiah (2Ch 29:12).

(4.) The great-grandfather of Mordecai (Es 2:5).

(5.) A Benjamite, the son of Abiel, and father of king Saul (1Sa 9:1,3; 10:11,21; 14:51; 2Sa 21:14). All that is recorded of him is that he sent his son Saul in search of his asses that had strayed, and that he was buried in Zelah. Called Cis, Ac 13:21 (R.V., Kish).

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1. Saul's father, son of Abiel, of Benjamin, brother of Abner (1Sa 9:1-21; 14:51). 1Ch 8:33 passes over many intermediate links between Saul and Ner, the son of Abi (the father) of Gibeon.

2. A descendant of Benjamin, of the family of Gibeon, distinct from Saul's father (1Ch 8:30).

3. A Merarite Levite, son of Abdi, in Hezekiah's days; sanctified himself to cleanse the temple (2Ch 29:12). The Levitical house under its chief, rather than an individual, is meant here by Kish.

4. 1Ch 23:21 KISH or KISHI, ancestor of Ethan the minstrel (1Ch 6:44; 15:17) KISH or KUSHAIAH.

5. Es 2:5.

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1. The father of Saul the first king of Israel (1Sa 9:1; 10:21; 14:51; Ac 13:21). His home was at Gibeah (rendered 'the hill of God' and 'the hill' in both AV and RV of 1Sa 10:5,10). 2. The uncle of the foregoing (1Ch 8:30; 9:36). 3. The eponym of a family of Merarite Levites (1Ch 23:21-22; 24:29; 2Ch 29:12). 4. A Benjamite ancestor of Mordecai (Es 2:5).

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1. Son of Abiel a Benjamite and father of Saul, king of Israel. 1Sa 9:1,3; 10:11,21; 14:51; 2Sa 21:14; 1Ch 8:33, etc. Called CIS in Ac 13:21.

2. Son of Jehiel, a Benjamite. 1Ch 8:30; 9:36. Probably the uncle of No. 1. See NER.

3. Son of Mahli and grandson of Merari. 1Ch 23:21-22; 24:29.

4. Son of Abdi, a descendant of Merari. 2Ch 29:12.

5. Ancestor of Mordecai. Es 2:5.

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(a bow).

1. The father of Saul; a Benjamite of the family of Matri. (B.C. 1095.)

2. Son of Jehiel and uncle to the preceding.

1Ch 9:36

3. A Benjamite, great-grandfather of Mordecai.

Es 2:5

4. A Merarite of the house of Mahli, of the tribe of Levi.

1Ch 23:21-22; 24:28-29

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