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from the Lat. lucrum, "gain." 1Ti 3:3, "not given to filthy lucre." Some MSS. have not the word so rendered, and the expression has been omitted in the Revised Version.

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The Eng. word 'lucre' is in AV always qualified by the adj. 'filthy,' because the word itself had not then the offensive meaning it has now. Erasmus speaks of God turning men's wickedness 'into the lucre and encreace of godlynesse.' It simply meant gain. Filthy lucre means sordid gain.


Gain,' such as a judge should not have wished for or accepted. 1Sa 8:3. In the N.T. it is called 'filthy' or 'base gain:' the desire for it rendered a man ineligible for the position of elder in the church, etc. 1Ti 3:3,8; Tit 1:7,11; 1Pe 5:2.

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