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LYCIA was a mountainous country in the S.W. of Asia Minor, which played very little part in the early history of Christianity. In it were situated many great cities, such as Patara (Ac 21:1) and Myra (Ac 27:5; cf. Ac 21:1). The former was a celebrated seat of the worship of Apollo, the latter an important harbour, between which and Alexandria there was constant traffic in ancient times. Lycia was ruled by the Persians, and conquered by Alexander the Great. After his death it belonged to the Seleucid Empire, was then taken from Antiochus by the Romans in b.c. 188, and given to Rhodes at first, but afterwards freed in b.c. 168. It was one of the self-governing states, to which the Romans sent letters in favour of the Jews in b.c. 138

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