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Abel-beth-Maacah was not in it, but in Israel; in the direction of Maacah, and somehow connected with it (2Sa 20:14-16). A small kingdom outside Argob (De 3:14), and Bashan (Jos 12:5). Between Bashan and the kingdom of Damascus, on the skirts of Mount Hermon, E. of the Lejah. The mention of Maacah with the Geshurites points to a connection between them; probably by affinity, as the Geshurite Talmai's daughter bears the name Maacah. Both were connected with Syria (1Ch 19:6-7; 2Sa 10:6,8). The king of Maacah was Ammon's ally against David; his small contingent, 1,000 men, shows the pettiness of the region.

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1. A son of Nahor (Ge 22:24). 2. The daughter of Talmai, wife of David, and mother of Absalom (2Sa 3:5 etc.). 3. The father of Achish, king of Gath (1Ki 2:39), possibly the same as Maoch (1Sa 27:2). 4. Wife of Rehoboam, and mother of Ahijah (2Ch 11:20). When she is called 'daughter' of Absalom (1Ki 15:2,10; 2Ch 11:20 f.), 'granddaughter' may be intended, as Ahsalom had but one daughter, Tamar, who may have married Uriel of Gibeah (2Ch 13:2, where the name is given as Micaiah; cf. Josephus Ant. VII. x. 1). Maacah fell under the spell of loathsome idolatry, for which Asa deposed her from the position of queen-mother, which she appears to have held till then (1Ki 15:18; 2Ch 15:16). 5. A concubine of Caleb (1Ch 2:48). 6. Wife of Machir (1Ch 7:15 f.). 7. Wife of Jehiel, the father of Gibeon (1Ch 8:28; 9:35). 8. One of David's warriors, father of Hanan (1Ch 11:43). 9. The father of Shephatiah, the captain of the Simeonites (1Ch 27:18).

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Ma'acah Maachah. Ma'achah

1. Daughter of Nahor, Abraham's brother. Ge 22:24.

2. Daughter of Talmai king of Geshur, and one of David's wives, the mother of Absalom. 2Sa 3:3; 1Ch 3:2.

3. Father of Achish king of Gath. 1Ki 2:39.

4. Daughter, or apparently granddaughter of Absalom (or Abishalom), wife of Rehoboam king of Judah, mother of Abijah (or Abijam), and apparently grandmother of Asa king of Judah. 1Ki 15:2,10,13; 2Ch 11:20-22; 15:16. See MICHAIAH.

5. Concubine of Caleb the son of Hezron. 1Ch 2:48.

6. Wife of Machir, son of Manasseh. 1Ch 7:15-16.

7. Wife of Jehiel, father, or founder, of Gibeon. 1Ch 8:29; 9:35.

8. Father of Hanan, one of David's mighty men. 1Ch 11:43.

9. A Simeonite, father of Shephatiah. 1Ch 27:16.

10. Name of a king and of a district east of Argob and Bashan. 2Sa 10:6,8; 1Ch 19:7. In 1Ch 19:6 the district is called SYRIA-MAACHAH.

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1. The mother of Absalom; also called MAACHAH.

See Maachah

2Sa 3:3

2. Maacah, or (in

1Ch 19:6-7

) Maachah, a small kingdom in close proximity to Palestine which appears to have lain outside Argob,

De 3:14

and Bashun.

Jos 12:5

The Ammonite war was the only occasion on which the Maacathites came into contact with Israel when their king assisted the Ammonites against Joab with a force which he led himself.

2Sa 10:6,8; 1Ch 19:7

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MAACAH, or BETH-MAACHA, a little province of Syria to the east and the north of the sources of the river Jordan, upon the road to Damascus. Abel or Abela was in this country, whence it was called, Abelbeth- Maachah. We learn from Jos 13:13, that the Israelites did not destroy the Maachathites, but permitted them to dwell in the land among them. The distribution of the half tribe of Manasseh, beyond Jordan, extended as far as this country, De 3:14; Jos 12:5.

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