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1. A son of Manasseh, Ge 50:23. His posterity were active in the conquest of Gilead, Nu 32:39; Jos 17:1; and in the war with Jabin and Sisera, Jg 5:14.

2. A friend of Mephibosbeth, the son of Jonathan, 2Sa 9:4-5.

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sold. (1.) Manasseh's oldest son (Jos 17:1), or probably his only son (see 1Ch 7:14-15; comp. Nu 26:29-33; Jos 13:31). His descendants are referred to under the name of Machirites, being the offspring of Gilead (Nu 26:29). They settled in land taken from the Amorites (Nu 32:39-40; De 3:15) by a special enactment (Nu 36:1-3; Jos 17:3-4). He is once mentioned as the representative of the tribe of Manasseh east of Jordan (Jg 5:14).

(2.) A descendant of the preceding, residing at Lo-debar, where he maintained Jonathan's son Mephibosheth till he was taken under the care of David (2Sa 9:4), and where he afterwards gave shelter to David himself when he was a fugitive ().

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1. Manasseh's oldest son by a Syrian or Aramite concubine (1Ch 7:14). Joseph had Machir's children upon his knees (Ge 50:23), i.e. they were adopted by Joseph from their birth. Gilead was his son, and Abiah his daughter. A large part of the country E. of Jordan was subdued by his powerful family (Nu 32:39; De 3:15). The rest of the family crossed Jordan. So powerful was the family that "Machir" supplants the name of "Manasseh" in Jg 5:14,17; Jos 13:29-31.

2. Son of Ammiel of Lodebar, a Gileadite chief; sheltered Mephibosheth, Jonathan's lame son; afterward, influenced probably by David's kindness to the same youth, supplied David with necessaries when fleeing from Absalom (2Sa 9:4; 17:27-29).

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1. The eldest 'son' of Manasseh (Jos 17:1), the only son (Nu 26:29). Machir was also the 'father of the Gilead.' These names are ethnographic, and their use suggests that the Machirites were either coterminous with the tribe of Manasseh (wh. see) or were its most warlike part. Settled on the W. of Jordan, they invaded N. Gilead some time after the days of Deborah, and so became the 'father of the Gilead.' 2. Son of Ammiel of Lo-debar on the E. of Jordan. He clung to the house of Saul as long as possible, and afterwards victualled David's men when that king was fleeing from Ahsalom (2Sa 9:5; 17:27).

W. F. Cobb.

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1. Eldest son of Manasseh, and father of Gilead. His descendants were warlike and were the foremost in the tribe. Ge 50:23; Nu 26:29; 32:39-40; Jos 17:1,3; Jg 5:14; 1Ch 2:21,23; 7:14-17.

2. Son of Ammiel: he gave refuge to Mephibosheth and sent supplies to David when he fled from Absalom. 2Sa 9:4-5; 17:27.

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1. The eldest son,

Jos 17:1

of the patriarch Manasseh by an Aramite or Syrian concubine.

1Ch 7:14

At the time of the conquest the family of Machir had become very powerful, and a large part of the country on the east of Jordan was subdued by them.

Nu 32:39; De 3:15

2. The son of Ammiel, a powerful sheikh of one of the transjordanic tribes, who rendered essential service to the cause of Saul and of David successively.

2Sa 9:4-5; 17:27-29

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