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(1.) Heb 'addereth, a large over-garment. This word is used of Elijah's mantle (19/13/type/asv'>1Ki 19:13,19; 2Ki 2:8,13, etc.), which was probably a sheepskin. It appears to have been his only garment, a strip of skin or leather binding it to his loins. 'Addereth twice occurs with the epithet "hairy" (Ge 25:25; Zec 13:4, R.V.). It is the word denoting the "goodly Babylonish garment" which Achan coveted (Jos 7:21).

(2.) Heb me'il, frequently applied to the "robe of the ephod" (Ex 28:4,31; Le 8:7), which was a splendid under tunic wholly of blue, reaching to below the knees. It was woven without seam, and was put on by being drawn over the head. It was worn not only by priests but by kings (1Sa 24:4), prophets (1Sa 15:27), and rich men (Job 1:20; 2:12). This was the "little coat" which Samuel's mother brought to him from year to year to Shiloh (1Sa 2:19), a miniature of the official priestly robe.

(3.) Semikah, "a rug," the garment which Jael threw as a covering over Sisera (Jg 4:18). The Hebrew word occurs nowhere else in Scripture.

(4.) Maataphoth, plural, only in Isa 3:22, denoting a large exterior tunic worn by females. (See Dress.)

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(1) Semikah, the thick plaid or rug wherewith Jael covered Sisera (Jg 4:18).

(2) The meil, the priestly robe which the child Samuel's mother made for him, a miniature of his robe in later life (1Sa 2:19; 15:27; 28:14).

(3) Mataphah (Isa 3:22), a lady's outer full tunic, with sleeves, reaching to the feet.

(4) 'addereth, Elijah the prophet's sole mantle except the leather girdle about his loins (1Ki 19:13,19); the Septuagint render it "sheepskin." The recognized dress of a prophet (Zec 13:4, "a rough garment" of prophets).

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the word employed in the Authorized Version to translate no less than four Hebrew terms, entirely distinct and independent in both derivation and meaning. 1.

Jg 4:18

the garment with which Jael covered Sisera.

2. Rendered "mantle" in

1Sa 15:27; 28:14; Ezr 9:3,5

etc. This word is in other passages of the Authorized Version rendered "coat," "cloak" and "robe." 3.

Isa 3:22

only. Apparently some article of a lady's dress. 4.

19/13/type/asv'>1Ki 19:13,19; 2Ki 2:8,13-14

The sole garment of the prophet Elijah. It was probably of sheepskin, such as is worn by the modern dervishes.

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