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A young prince at the court of Jehoiakim, who communicated to the king's counselors the solemn warnings of Jeremiah, Jer 36:11-13.

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(1.) The queen-mother of King Abijah (2Ch 13:2). (See Maachah [4]).

(2.) One of those sent out by Jehoshaphat to instruct the people in the law (2Ch 17:7).

(3.) 2Ki 22:12.

(4.) The son of Gemariah. He reported to the king's officers Jeremiah's prediction, which he had heard Baruch read (Jer 36:11,13) from his father Gemariah's chamber in the temple.

(5.) A Levite (Ne 12:35).

(6.) A priest (Ne 12:41).

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1. Ne 12:41.

2. 2Ch 17:7.

3. Son of Gemariah. (See GEMARIAH; BARUCH; JEREMIAH.) (Jer 36:11-14). On hearing all the Lord's words, through Jeremiah, read by Baruch Michaiah went down to the king's house, into the scribe's chamber where sat all the princes, and declared unto them all the words. It was to his grandfather Shaphan, Josiah's scribe, that Hilkiah delivered the book of the law just found (2Ki 22:10). (See HILKIAH.)

4. Same as Maachah, Rehoboam's wife, Abijah's mother (2Ch 13:2).

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1. Father of Achbor. 2Ki 22:12. Called MICAH in 2Ch 34:20.

2. Daughter of Uriel of Gibeah and wife of Rehoboam. 2Ch 13:2. Called MAACHAH, daughter of Abishalom, in 1Ki 15:2; and daughter of Absalom in 2Ch 11:20. See MAACHAH.

3. Prince of Judah sent with priests and Levites to teach the people the law. 2Ch 17:7.

4. Son of Zaccur, a descendant of Asaph. Ne 12:35. Apparently called MICAH in 1Ch 9:15; and MICHA in Ne 11:17,22.

5. Priest who assisted at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. Ne 12:41.

6. Son of Gemariah and a prince of Judah. Jer 36:11,13.

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(who is like God?).

1. Same as MICAH 6.

See Micah

2Ch 34:25

2. Same as MICHA 3.

See Micha

1Ch 9:15; Ne 12:35

3. One of the priests at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem.

Ne 12:41

4. The daughter of Uriel of Gibeah, wife of Rehoboam and mother of Abijah king of Judah.

2Ch 13:2


See Maachah

5. One of the princes of Jehoshaphat whom he sent to teach the law of Jehovah in the cities of Judah.

2Ch 17:7

6. The son of Gemariah. He is only mentioned on one occasion.

Jer 36:11,13-14

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