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In New Testament used to translated hufretes "minister" (Mt 5:25), and practor "exacter" or "officer of the court," only in Lu 12:58.

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By this somewhat indefinite expression are rendered some eight or ten different Heb. and Gr. words, several of which seem to have had an equally wide application. Of the Heb. words the commonest is sh

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This word is used in scripture indefinitely for any one in authority, there being seven Hebrew words so translated. In the N.T. are

1. ???????, from 'to do or act,' it occurs only in Lu 12:58. It is used for the officer appointed to exact the money adjudicated by the judge.

2. ????????, lit. 'an under-rower,' a subordinate officer, who assisted the priests and the Roman governors. Mt 5:25; Joh 7:32,45-46; 18:3-22; 19:6; Ac 5:22,26. It is also translated 'minister' and 'servant.'

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It is obvious that most, if not all, of the Hebrew words rendered "officer" are either of an indefinite character or are synonymous terms for functionaries known under other and more specific names, as "scribe," "eunuch" etc. The two words so rendered in the New Testament denote --

1. An inferior officer of a court of justice, a messenger or bailiff, like the Roman viator or lictor.

Mt 5:25; Ac 5:22

2. Officers whose duty it was to register and collect fines imposed by courts of justice.

Lu 12:58

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