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1. A Levitical city in Asher, Jos 19:28; 21:31, on the northern border of the Holy Land, called also Beth-rehob, and lying in a valley south of Anti-Lebanon, not far north of Dan, Nu 13:21; Jg 18:28. It was long governed by its own kings, Jg 1:31, but in the time of David was rendered tributary, 2Sa 10:6,8,19. Some think there were two cities of this name in Asher.

2. The father of Hadadezer king of Zobah in Syria, 2Sa 8:3.

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street; broad place. (1.) The father of Hadadezer, king of Tobah (2Sa 8:3,12).

(2.) Ne 10:11.

(3.) The same, probably, as Beth-rehob (2Sa 10:6,8; Jg 18:28), a place in the north of Palestine (Nu 13:21). It is now supposed to be represented by the castle of Hunin, south-west of Dan, on the road from Hamath into Coele-Syria.

(4.) A town of Asher (Jos 19:28), to the east of Zidon.

(5.) Another town of Asher (Jos 19:30), kept possession of by the Canaanites (Jg 1:31).

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1. A town at the northern end of the valley of the Jordan (Nu 13:21; 2Sa 10:3), most probably the same as Beth-rehob, of which the exact site is unknown. 2, 3. Two Asherite towns, neither of which has been identified (Jos 19:28; 21:31; 1Ch 6:75; Jos 19:30; Jg 1:31). 4. The father of Hadadezer (2Sa 8:3,12). 5. A signatory to the covenant (Ne 10:11).

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1. Father of Hadadezer king of Zobah. 2Sa 8:3,12.

2. Levite who sealed the covenant. Ne 10:11.

3. The northern limit of the exploration by the spies. Nu 13:21; 2Sa 10:8. Identified by some with Hunin, 33 13' N, 35 32' E.

4, 5. Two cities assigned to Asher, one of which was allotted to the Levites, but which of the two is not known, nor can they be identified. Jos 19:28,30; 21:31; Jg 1:31; 1Ch 6:75.

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1. The father of Hadadezer king of Zobah, whom David smote at the Euphrates.

2Sa 8:3,12

(B.C. before 1043.)

2. A Levite or family of Levites who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah.

Ne 10:11

(B.C. 410.)

3. The northern limit of the exploration of the spies.

Nu 13:21

Robinson fixes the position of Rehob as not far from Tell el-Kady and Banias.

4. One of the towns allotted to Asher.

Jos 19:28

5. Asher contained another Rehob,

Jos 19:30

but the situation of these towns is unknown.

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