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Reference: Rephaim, The Valley Of


Reph'a-im, The valley of,

12'>1Sa 5:12,12; 23:13; 1Ch 11:15; 14:9; Isa 17:5

also in

Jos 15:8

and Josh 18:16 it is translated in the Authorized Version "the valley of the giants," a spot which was the scene of some of David's most remarkable adventures. He twice encountered and defeated the Philistines there.

2Sa 5:17-25; 23:13

etc. Since the latter part of the sixteenth century the name has been attached to the upland plain which stretches south of Jerusalem and is crossed by the road to Bethlehem --the el Buk'ah of the modern Arabs. (This valley begins near the valley of Hinnom, southwest of Jerusalem extending toward Bethlehem. It is about a mile long, with hills on either side. This agrees with Josephus and is the generally-accepted location of this valley. --ED.) Tobler, however, in his last investigations conclusively adopts the Wady Der Jasin, on the northwest of Jerusalem. The valley appears to derive its name from the ancient nation of the Rephaim. [GIANTS]

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