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(1.) the common form of ancient books. The Hebrew word rendered "roll" or "volume" is meghillah, found in Ezr 6:2; Ps 40:7; 6/2'>Jer 36:2,6,23,28-29; Eze 2:9; 3:1-3; Zec 5:1-2. "Rolls" (Chald. pl. of sephar, corresponding to Heb sepher) in Ezra 6:1 is rendered in the Revised Version "archives." In the New Testament the word "volume" (Heb 10:7; R.V., "roll") occurs as the rendering of the Greek kephalis, meaning the head or top of the stick or cylinder on which the manuscript was rolled, and hence the manuscript itself. (See Book.)

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Ancient writings were rolled round a cylinder or stick. Volume means so (Jer 36:2; Ps 40:7; compare De 31:26; Eze 2:9-10, where the writing "within and without" was contrary to the usage of writing only on one side, implying the fullness of the prophecy of woe. The writing was in columns (delathot), literally, doors, on parchment or prepared skins.

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A book in ancient times consisted of a single long strip of paper or parchment, which was usually kept rolled upon a stick, and was unrolled when a person wished to read it. The roll was usually written on one side only, and hence the particular notice of one that was "written within and without."

Eze 2:10

The writing was arranged in columns.

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