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A bag or wallet, in which travellers carried a portion of food, or some small articles of convenience, 1Sa 17:40; Mt 10:10.

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a small bag or wallet usually fastened to the girdle (1Sa 17:40); "a shepherd's bag."

In the New Testament it is the rendering of Gr. pera, which was a bag carried by travellers and shepherds, generally made of skin (Mt 10:10; Mr 6:8; Lu 9:3; 10:4). The name "scrip" is meant to denote that the bag was intended to hold scraps, fragments, as if scraped off from larger articles, trifles.

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("Shepherd's bag".) (yalquwt), 1Sa 17:40; 2Ki 4:42 (tsiqlon) margin. In New Testament, the leather "wallet" (fra) slung on the shoulder for carrying food for a journey; distinct from the "purse" (zone, literally, "girdle"; balantion, "small bag for money"): Mt 10:9-10; Lu 10:4; 12:33. Unlike other travelers, the twelve and the seventy, when sent forth, were wholly dependent on God, having no provision for their journey; at other times they carried provisions in a bag and purse (Lu 22:35-36; Joh 12:6; Mr 8:14-16). The English "scrip," originally "script," related to "scrap," was used for food.

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A bag, or satchel, often made of the skin of a kid, stripped off whole, and tanned by a simple process. They were slung over the shoulder. 1Sa 17:40; Lu 22:35-36; etc.

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The Hebrew word thus translated appears in

1Sa 17:40

as a synonym for the bag in which the shepherds of Palestine carried their food or other necessities. The scrip of the Galilean peasants was of leather, used especially to carry their food on a journey, and slung over their shoulders.

Mt 10:10; Mr 6:8; Lu 9:3; 22:35

The English word "scrip" is probably connected with scrape, scrap, and was used in like manner for articles of food.

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