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A city of Issachar, Jos 19:18. The Philistines encamped at Shunem, in the great field or Plain of Esdraelon, 1Sa 28:4; and Saul encamped at Gilboa. Abishag, king of David's nurse, was of Shunem, 1Ki 1:3; so also was the woman whose son Elisha restored to life, 2Ki 4:8-37. Eusebius and Jerome place it five miles south of Tabor; and it is now recognized in a poor village called Solam, on a declivity at the northwest corner of a smaller valley of Jezreel.

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two resting-places, a little village in the tribe of Issachar, to the north of Jezreel and south of Mount Gilboa (Jos 19:18), where the Philistines encamped when they came against Saul (1Sa 28:4), and where Elisha was hospitably entertained by a rich woman of the place. On the sudden death of this woman's son she hastened to Carmel, 20 miles distant across the plain, to tell Elisha, and to bring him with her to Shunem. There, in the "prophet's chamber," the dead child lay; and Elisha entering it, shut the door and prayed earnestly: and the boy was restored to life (2Ki 4:8-37). This woman afterwards retired during the famine to the low land of the Philistines; and on returning a few years afterwards, found her house and fields in the possession of a stranger. She appealed to the king at Samaria, and had them in a somewhat remarkable manner restored to her (comp. 2Ki 8:1-6).

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SHUNAMITE. A city of Issachar (Jos 19:18). The Philistines' place of encampment before the battle of Gilboa (1Sa 28:4). The residence of the Shunammite women (2Ki 4:8), amidst grainfields; connected with Mount Carmel. Abishag's home (1Ki 1:3). "Five miles S. of Mount Tabor," in Eusebius' (Onom.) time called "Sulem." Rather eight Roman miles from Tabor. Now Solam, a village on the S.W. side of "little Hermon," jebel Duhy, three miles N. of Jezreel, five from Gilboa (Fukua), in view of the sacred site on Mount Carmel, amidst rich grainfields. It has a spring, without which the Philistines would not have encamped there.

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A border town of Issachar (Jos 19:18), and the camping-ground of the Philistines before Saul's last battle (1Sa 28:4). It has been identified from early times with S

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City in Issachar, near to which the Philistines encamped previous to the fight on Gilboa. Also where a Shunammite showed hospitality to Elisha. Jos 19:18; 1Sa 28:4; 2Ki 4:8. Identified with Solam, 32 36' N, 35 20' E.

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(double resting-place), one of the cities allotted to the tribe of Issachar.

Jos 13:18

It is mentioned on two occasions --

1Sa 23:4; 2Ki 4:8

It was besides the native place of Abishag.

1Ki 1:3

It is mentioned by Eusebius as five miles south of Mount Tabor, and then known us Sulem. This agrees with the position of the present Solam, a village three miles north of Jezreel and five from Gilboa.

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