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A disciple of Paul, a Gentile and an Ephesian by birth, came to Corinth with the apostle, and accompanied him in his whole journey to Jerusalem, A. D. 58, Ac 20:4. When the apostle was in the temple there, the Jews laid hold of him, crying out, "He hath brought Greeks into the temple, and hath polluted this holy place;" because, having seen him in the city accompanied by Trophimus, they imagined that he had introduced him into the temple. Some years afterwards, Paul writes that he had left him sick at Miletus,

2Ti 4:20. This did not occur at Paul's former visit to Millets, since Trophimus went with him to Jerusalem; nor on the voyage to Rome, for they did not go near Millets. It is therefore one of the circumstances which prove that Paul was released, and revisited Asia Minor, Crete, Macedonia, and perhaps Spain, before his second imprisonment and death. Of Trophimus nothing farther is known.

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a foster-child, an Ephesian who accompanied Paul during a part of his third missionary journey (Ac 20:4; 21:29). He was with Paul in Jerusalem, and the Jews, supposing that the apostle had brought him with him into the temple, raised a tumult which resulted in Paul's imprisonment. (See Temple, Herod's.) In writing to Timothy, the apostle says, "Trophimus have I left at Miletum sick" (2Ti 4:20). This must refer to some event not noticed in the Acts.

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Paul's companion, a Gentile of Ephesus (Ac 21:29). Accompanied him on his return from his third missionary journey through Asia to Jerusalem. While Tychicus, his associate, a fellow Asiatic, was left behind on the route (Ac 20:4) Trophimus went forward with Paul. The Jews raised a tumult supposing Paul had introduced Trophimus a Gentile convert into the temple. Paul left Trophimus sick at Miletus just before his own second Roman imprisonment (2Ti 4:12,20).

Trophimus was probably one of the two brethren who with Titus carried the Second Epistle to the Corinthians (2Co 8:16-24, especially 2Co 8:22, since 2Co 8:18 refers to Luke). Trophimus was probably the brother sent before with Titus (2Co 12:18), and therefore must have been sent from Ephesus; he was moreover an Ephesian. A Gentile like Titus. Connected with Paul in the mission of collecting for the poor in Judaea; he was moreover with Paul on his return from this very visit to Corinth. Tradition makes him beheaded by Nero.

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A Gentile Christian, a native of Ephesus (Ac 21:29), who, with Tychicus, also of the province Asia (Ac 20:4), and others, accompanied St. Paul to Jerusalem. The Jews, seeing Trophimus with the Apostle in the city, hastily concluded that St. Paul had brought him into the inner court of the Temple, separated from the outer 'Court of the Gentiles' by a barrier on which were inscriptions in Greek and Latin forbidding any non-Jew to enter on pain of death. This occasioned the riot which led to St. Paul's arrest. Some years later Trophimus was left at Miletus sick (2Ti 4:20).

A. J. Maclean.

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Convert of Ephesus who accompanied Paul to Jerusalem, and whom the Jews thought Paul had taken into the temple. Ac 20:4; 21:29. In 2Ti 4:20 Paul had left him at Miletus sick.

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(nutritious). Both Trophimus and Tychicus accompanied Paul from Macedonia as far as Asia, but Tychicus seems to have remained there, while Trophimus proceeded with the apostle to Jerusalem. (A.D. 54.) There he was the innocent cause of the tumult in which St. Paul was apprehended.

Ac 21:27-29

From this passage we learn two new facts, viz. that Trophimus was a Gentile, and that he was a native of Trophimus was probably one brethren who, with Titus, conveyed the second Epistle to the Corinthians.

2Co 8:16-24


See Tychicus

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TROPHIMUS, a disciple of St. Paul, and an Ephesian by birth. He came from Ephesus to Corinth with the Apostle, and kept him company in his whole journey from Corinth to Jerusalem, A.D. 58, Ac 20:4. When St. Paul was in the temple there, the Jews laid hold of him, crying out, "Men of Israel, help; this is the man that teacheth all men every where against the people, and the law, and this place; and farther, brought Greeks also into the temple, and hath polluted this holy place," Ac 21:28-29. And this they said, because certain Jews of Ephesus having seen Trophimus with St. Paul in the city, whom they looked upon as a Gentile, imagined that St. Paul had introduced him into the temple. The whole city was immediately in an uproar, and St. Paul was secured. Trophimus afterward accompanied St. Paul; for that Apostle writes to Timothy, that he had left Trophimus sick at Miletus, 2Ti 4:20.

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