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one of the first material used for making woven cloth (Le 13:47-48,52,59; 19:19). The first-fruit of wool was to be offered to the priests (De 18:4). The law prohibiting the wearing of a garment "of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together" (De 22:11) may, like some other laws of a similar character, have been intended to express symbolically the separateness and simplicity of God's covenant people. The wool of Damascus, famous for its whiteness, was of great repute in the Tyrian market (Eze 27:18).

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tsemer ("wool"), and gez ("fleece") meaning "shearing". Mesha's tribute to Israel (2Ki 3:4). A firstfruit to the priests (De 18:4). Symbolizing purity and whiteness (Isa 1:18, "shall be as wool" restored to its original undyed whiteness; Da 7:9; Re 1:14). Snow is compared to it (Ps 147:16).

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Woollen stuffs were much used for clothes (Le 13:47 ff., Pr 31:13 etc.); mainly, however, for outer garments. For underwear, linen was preferred, as being cooler and cleaner. Wool, falling swiftly a prey to moths and larv

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The fleece of sheep and other animals. That of sheep was used for weaving into cloth, and is generally referred to as 'wool.' In the figurative language of Isa 1:18 undyed wool represents the state resulting from the removal of sin by Jehovah from His people; the sin being compared to that which had been dyed crimson. The law forbade the wearing of a garment made of linen and wool: it was an unnatural mixture, figurative of the working of the Spirit and the flesh in a Christian. Le 19:19; De 22:11.

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was an article of the highest value among the Jews, as the staple material for the manufacture of clothing.

Le 13:47; De 22:11; Job 31:20; Pr 31:13; Eze 34:3; Ho 2:5

The importance of wool is incidentally shown by the notice that Mesha's tribute was paid in a certain number of rams "with the wool."

2Ki 3:1

The wool of Damascus was highly prized in the mart of Tyre.

Eze 27:18

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