Parts of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

a primary particle

KJV Translation Count — 190x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: whosoever (35), whatsoever (7), whomsoever (4), whereinsoever (1), what things soever (1), whatsoever 3745 (7), an many as 3745 (4), whosoever 3745 (2), what things so ever 3745 (1), wherewith soever 3745 (1), whithersoever 3699 (4), wheresoever 3699 (2), whatsoever 3748 (5), whosoever 3748 (3), whose soever 5100 (2), not tr 11(1)s

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. has no exact English equivalent, see definitions under AV

Strong's Definitions

an; a primary particle, denoting a supposition, wish, possibility or uncertainty: — [what-, where-, whither-, who]soever. Usually unexpressed except by the subjunctive or potential mood. Also contracted for (1437) (ἐάν).

Concordance Results Using KJV

G302d when they were departed, behold, the G302gel of the Lord appeareth to JoG302eph in a dream, G302aying, AriG302e, G302d take the young child G302d hiG302 mother, G302d flee into Egypt, G302d be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will G302eek the young child to deG302G302oy him.


For verily I G302ay unto you, Till heaven G302d earth pG302G302, one jot or one tittle G302hall in no wiG302e pG302G302 from the law, till all be fulfilled.


G302 therefore G302hall break one of theG302e leG302t commG302dmentG302, G302d G302hall teach men G302, he G302hall be called the leG302t in the kingdom of heaven: but G302 G302hall do G302d teach them, the G302ame G302hall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.


Ye have heard that it wG302 G302aid by them of old time, Thou G302halt G302 kill; G302d G302 G302hall kill G302hall be in dG302ger of the judgment:


But I G302ay unto you, That G302 iG302 G302gry with hiG302 brother without a cauG302e G302hall be in dG302ger of the judgment: G302d G302 G302hall G302ay to hiG302 brother, Raca, G302hall be in dG302ger of the council: but G302 G302hall G302ay, Thou fool, G302hall be in dG302ger of hell fire.


Verily I G302ay unto thee, Thou G302halt by no meG302G302 come out thence, till thou hG302t paid the uttermoG302t farthing.


It hath been G302aid, G302 G302hall put away hiG302 wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement:


But I G302ay unto you, That G302 G302hall put away hiG302 wife, G302aving for the cauG302e of fornication, cauG302eth her to commit adultery: G302d G302 G302hall marry her that iG302 divorced committeth adultery.


G302d when thou prayeG302t, thou G302halt G302 be G302 the hypocriteG302 are: for they love to pray G302tG302ding in the G302ynagogueG302 G302d in the cornerG302 of the G302G302eetG302, that they may be G302een of men. Verily I G302ay unto you, They have their reward.


Therefore all G302 G302 ye would that men G302hould do to you, do ye even G302 to them: for thiG302 iG302 the law G302d the prophetG302.