Parts of Speech

n pr dei

Root Word (Etymology)

a variation of 3068 [used after 136, and pronounced by Jews as 430, in order to prevent the repetiti

KJV Translation Count — 305x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: GOD (304), LORD (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. Jehovah-used primarily in the combination 'Lord Jehovah'
a. equal to 3068 but pointed with the vowels of 430

Strong's Definitions

Yhovih, yeh-ho-vee'; a variation of 3068 (used after 136, and pronounced by Jews as 430, in order to prevent the repetition of the same sound, since they elsewhere pronounce 3068 as 136): — God.

Concordance Results Using KJV

And Abram said, H3069 H3069, what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless, and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus?


And he said, H3069 H3069, whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it?


O H3069 H3069, thou hast begun to shew thy servant thy greatness, and thy mighty hand: for what H3069 is there in heaven or in earth, that can do according to thy works, and according to thy might?


I prayed therefore unto the H3069, and said, O H3069 H3069, destroy not thy people and thine inheritance, which thou hast redeemed through thy greatness, which thou hast brought forth out of Egypt with a mighty hand.


And Joshua said, Alas, O H3069 H3069, wherefore hast thou at all brought this people over Jordan, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites, to destroy us? would to H3069 we had been content, and dwelt on the other side Jordan!


And when Gideon perceived that he was an angel of the H3069, Gideon said, Alas, O H3069 H3069! for because I have seen an angel of the H3069 face to face.


And Samson called unto the H3069, and said, O H3069 H3069, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O H3069, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.


Then went king David in, and sat before the H3069, and he said, Who am I, O H3069 H3069? and what is my house, that thou hast brought me hitherto?


And this was yet a small thing in thy sight, O H3069 H3069; but thou hast spoken also of thy servant's house for a great while to come. And is this the manner of man, O H3069 H3069?


And what can David say more unto thee? for thou, H3069 H3069, knowest thy servant.