מגדּו מגדּון 


Mgiddown (Zechariah 12:11); meg-id-done' or Mgiddow


megAidAdo' (Zechariah 12:11)

Parts of Speech

n pr loc

Root Word (Etymology)

from 1413, Greek 717 Armagedwn

KJV Translation Count — 12x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: Megiddo (11), Megiddon (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

egiddo or Megiddon = "place of crowds"
1. ancient city of Canaan assigned to Manasseh and located on the southern rim of the plain of Esdraelon 6 miles (10 km) from Mount Carmel and 11 miles (18 km) from Nazareth

Strong's Definitions

Mgiddown, meg-id-done'; (Zechariah 12) or Mgiddow, meg-id-do'; from 1413; rendezvous; Megiddon or Megiddo, a place in Palestine: — Megiddo, Megiddon.

Concordance Results Using KJV

The king of Taanach, one; the king of H4023, one;


And Manasseh had in Issachar and in Asher Bethshean and her towns, and Ibleam and her towns, and the inhabitants of Dor and her towns, and the inhabitants of Endor and her towns, and the inhabitants of Taanach and her towns, and the inhabitants of H4023 and her towns, even three countries.


Neither did Manasseh drive out the inhabitants of Bethshean and her towns, nor Taanach and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Dor and her towns, nor the inhabitants of Ibleam and her towns, nor the inhabitants of H4023 and her towns: but the Canaanites would dwell in that land.


The kings came and fought, then fought the kings of Canaan in Taanach by the waters of H4023; they took no gain of money.


Baana the son of Ahilud; to him pertained Taanach and H4023, and all Bethshean, which is by Zartanah beneath Jezreel, from Bethshean to Abelmeholah, even unto the place that is beyond Jokneam:


And this is the reason of the levy which king Solomon raised; for to build the house of the LORD, and his own house, and Millo, and the wall of Jerusalem, and Hazor, and H4023, and Gezer.


But when Ahaziah the king of Judah saw this, he fled by the way of the garden house. And Jehu followed after him, and said, Smite him also in the chariot. And they did so at the going up to Gur, which is by Ibleam. And he fled to H4023, and died there.


In his days Pharaohnechoh king of Egypt went up against the king of Assyria to the river Euphrates: and king Josiah went against him; and he slew him at H4023, when he had seen him.


And his servants carried him in a chariot dead from H4023, and brought him to Jerusalem, and buried him in his own sepulchre. And the people of the land took Jehoahaz the son of Josiah, and anointed him, and made him king in his father's stead.


And by the borders of the children of Manasseh, Bethshean and her towns, Taanach and her towns, H4023 and her towns, Dor and her towns. In these dwelt the children of Joseph the son of Israel.