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16 Bible Verses about Blessings Of The Poor

Most Relevant Verses

Job 20:10

His sons do the poor oppress, And his hands give back his wealth.

Mark 12:44

for all, out of their abundance, put in, but she, out of her want, all that she had put in -- all her living.'

Luke 21:4

for all these out of their superabundance did cast into the gifts to God, but this one out of her want, all the living that she had, did cast in.'

2 Corinthians 8:2

because in much trial of tribulation the abundance of their joy, and their deep poverty, did abound to the riches of their liberality;

Revelation 2:9

I have known thy works, and tribulation, and poverty -- yet thou art rich -- and the evil-speaking of those saying themselves to be Jews, and are not, but are a synagogue of the Adversary.

Proverbs 13:7

There is who is making himself rich, and hath nothing, Who is making himself poor, and wealth is abundant.

Luke 6:20

And he, having lifted up his eyes to his disciples, said: 'Happy the poor -- because yours is the reign of God.

Ecclesiastes 4:13

Better is a poor and wise youth than an old and foolish king, who hath not known to be warned any more.

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