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Theasaurus: Breadth

32 Bible Verses about Breadth

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 40:12

Who has measured [the] waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off [the] heavens with span, comprehended the dust of the earth in third of a measure and weighed out [the] mountains in the scales, and [the] hills in a balance?

Genesis 6:15

And this [is] how you must make it: the length of the ark, three hundred cubits; its width fifty cubits; its height, thirty cubits.

Exodus 25:10

"And they will make an ark of acacia wood, two and a half cubits its length and a cubit and a half its width and a cubit and a half its height.

Exodus 27:1

"And you will make the altar of acacia wood, five cubits long and five cubits wide; the altar will be square, and its height [will be] three cubits.

Exodus 37:25

And he made the incense altar of acacia wood, a cubit its length and a cubit its width--a square--and two cubits its height; its horns were {of one piece with it}.

Deuteronomy 3:11

(For only Og, king of Bashan, was left from the remnant of the Rephaim. Indeed, his bedstead--it [was] a bedstead of iron. It is in Rabbah of the {Ammonites}. Nine cubits [is] its length, and four cubits [is] its width according to the cubit of a man.)

1 Kings 6:2

Now the house that King Solomon built for Yahweh [was] sixty cubits [in] its length and twenty cubits [in] its width and thirty cubits [in] its height.

1 Kings 7:2

He built the House of the Forest of Lebanon; one hundred cubits its length, fifty cubits its width, and thirty cubits its height, on four rows of cedar pillars and cedar beams atop the pillars.

2 Chronicles 3:3

Now these [were] the measurements of Solomon for building the house of God: the length in cubits by the former measurement [was] sixty cubits, and the width [was] twenty cubits.

2 Chronicles 4:1

And he made an altar of bronze, twenty cubits [was] its length, and twenty cubits [was] its width, and ten cubits [was] its height.

Ezra 6:3

In the first year of King Cyrus, he issued forth a decree concerning the house of God in Jerusalem. Let the house be built, the place where sacrifices are offered and let its foundations be raised. Its height [shall be] sixty cubits and its width sixty cubits,

Ezekiel 40:7

And the alcove [was] one reed long and one reed wide, and between the alcoves [was] five cubits, and the threshold of the gate along the side of the portico of the gate {on the inside} [was] one reed.

Ezekiel 41:9-12

The width of the [outside] wall, which [was] for the side room to the outside, [was] five cubits, and [a space] that was set between [the] side rooms, which [was] for the temple and between the chambers [was the] width of twenty cubits all around the temple, {all the way around} [it]. And the doorway of the side room {faced} the open area; one doorway {faced} {the north}, and one doorway [was] to the south, and the width of the place of the open area [was] five cubits all more.
And the building that {faced} the courtyard {was toward the west}, [and] its width [was] seventy cubits, and the wall of the building [was] five cubits wide {all the way around}, and its length [was] ninety cubits.

Ezekiel 45:1-3

And when you allocate the land as an inheritance, you shall provide a contribution for Yahweh [as] a holy portion from the land, [its] length [being] twenty-five thousand [cubits] and [its] width ten thousand [cubits]; it [is] holy in all its territory, all around. And [there] shall be from this [area] five hundred [cubits] by five hundred [cubits], squared all around, for the sanctuary; and fifty cubits [of] open space [shall be] for it all around [it]. And from this measured area you shall measure a length of twenty-five thousand [cubits] and a width of ten thousand [cubits], and in it will be the sanctuary, {the most holy place}.

Ezekiel 48:13-15

And the Levites {alongside} the territory of the priests [shall have] twenty-five thousand [cubits] [in] length and in width ten thousand [cubits], its {full length}, twenty-five thousand [cubits] and its [full width], ten thousand [cubits]. And they shall not sell [any part] from it, and shall not exchange, and shall not transfer the best of the land, for [it is] holy to Yahweh. And {the remaining part} of five thousand [cubits] in the width {by} twenty-five thousand [cubits], [is] unholy; it is for the city as dwelling and as pastureland; and the city will be [located] {in the middle of it}.

Zechariah 2:2

And I asked, "Where [are] you going?" And he answered me, "To measure Jerusalem to see what [is] its width and what [is] its length."

Zechariah 5:2

And he asked me, "What [are] you seeing?" And I said, "I [am] seeing a flying scroll twenty cubits long and ten cubits wide."

Revelation 21:16

And the city is laid out as a square, and its length is the same as [its] width. And he measured the city with the measuring rod at twelve thousand stadia; the length and the width and the height of it are equal.

Genesis 13:17

Arise, go through the length of the land and through its breadth, for I will give it to you."

2 Samuel 22:37

You have broadened my steps beneath me; my ankles have not wobbled.

Isaiah 8:7-8

therefore look! The Lord [is] bringing up the waters of the great and mighty river against them, the king of Assyria and all his glory. And he will rise above all his channels, and he will flow over all his banks. And he will sweep into Judah; he will overflow and he will flood up to [the] neck. He will reach, and {he will spread his wings out over your entire land}, God with us."

Isaiah 30:23

And he will give rain for your seed [with] which you sow the ground, and grain, the produce of the ground, and it will be rich and {fertile}. On that day, your cattle will graze [in] broad pastures;

Isaiah 33:21

Rather, there Yahweh [will be] mighty for us, a place of rivers [and] {broad streams}, a galley ship with oars cannot go in it, and a mighty ship cannot pass through it.

Matthew 7:13-14

"Enter through the narrow gate, because broad [is] the gate and spacious [is] the road that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it, because narrow [is] the gate and constricted [is] the road that leads to life, and there are few who find it!

1 Kings 4:29

God gave wisdom to Solomon and very great discernment, as well as {breadth of understanding}, as the sand which is on the edge of the seashore.

Ephesians 3:14-19

On account of this, I bend my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that he may grant you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in the inner person,read more.
[that] Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith (you having been firmly rooted and established in love), in order that you may be strong enough to grasp together with all the saints what [is] the breadth, and length, and height, and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, in order that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

Exodus 25:25

And you will make for it a handbreadth rim all around, and you will make a gold molding for its rim all around.

1 Kings 7:26

Its thickness [was] a handbreadth, but its rim [was] as the work on the brim of a cup, [like the] bud of a lily; it held two thousand baths.

Jeremiah 52:21

Now the pillars, [the] height of one pillar [was] eighteen cubits, and a thread of twelve cubits surrounded it, and its thickness [was] four fingers, hollowed out.