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15 Bible Verses about Dark Days

Most Relevant Verses

Job 3:4

Let that day be dark; let God above not care about it; let no light shine over it.

Psalm 139:12

even darkness isn't dark to you, darkness and light are the same to you.

Joel 2:2

A day of doom and gloom, a day of clouds and shadows like the dawn spreads out to cover the mountains a people strong and robust. Never has there been anything like it, neither will anything follow to compare with it, even through the lifetime of generation upon generation."

Job 19:8

He blocked my path, so I cannot pass; and he turned out the lights on my pathways.

Job 30:26

I have hoped for good, but evil came instead; I have hoped for light, but darkness came.

Psalm 88:6

You have assigned me to the lowest part of the Pit, to the darkest depths.

Ecclesiastes 11:8

Even if a person lives many years, let him enjoy them all, recalling that there will be many days of darkness to come all of which are pointless.

Isaiah 24:11

There is an outcry in the streets over wine; all cheer turns to gloom; the fun times of the earth are banished.

Micah 7:8

Don't be glad on my account, my enemy. When I fall, I'll get up. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD is a light for me.

Acts 27:20

For a number of days neither the sun nor the stars were to be seen, and the storm continued to rage until at last all hope of our being saved vanished.

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