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11 Bible Verses about Destroying Vineyards

Most Relevant Verses

Jeremiah 12:10

Many shepherds have destroyed my vineyard, they have trampled down my plot of land. They have made {my pleasant field} like the desert of desolation.

Psalm 78:47

He destroyed their vines with hail and their sycamore trees with sleet.

Joel 1:11

Be ashamed, farmers; Wail, vinedressers, over [the] wheat and over [the] barley, because [the] harvest of the field is ruined.

Amos 4:9

"I struck you with blight and with mildew. Frequently the cutting locust devoured your gardens and your vineyards and your fig trees and your olive trees, yet you did not return to me," [is] the declaration of Yahweh.

Amos 5:17

And in all [of the] vineyards [there will be] wailing, because I will pass in your midst," says Yahweh.

Isaiah 16:10

And joy and gladness are taken away from the fruitful land, and in the vineyards no one exults, no one shouts for joy; no treader treads wine in the presses; I have put to an end to [the] jubilant shout.

Jeremiah 48:33

And joy and rejoicing have been taken away from [the] fruitful land, even from the land of Moab. And [the] wine from [the] wine presses I have caused to disappear. He will not tread [with] exuberant shouts. Exuberant shouts [will] not [be] exuberant shouts.

Isaiah 16:9

Therefore I weep with the weeping of Jazer [for] the vine of Sibmah. I drench you [with] my tears, Heshbon and Elealeh, for a jubilant shout has fallen over your summer fruit and harvest.

Isaiah 16:8

For Heshbon withers the fields, the vine of Sibmah; rulers of nations have broken down her tendrils, they reached up to Jazer, they wandered [to the] desert; her shoots spread abroad, they crossed over [the] sea.

Jeremiah 5:10

Go up through her vineyards and destroy, but you must not make complete destruction. Remove her branches, for they [are] not to Yahweh.

Jeremiah 5:17

And they will eat your harvest and your food, they will eat your sons and your daughters, they will eat your flock and your herd, they will eat your vine and your fig tree, they will smash with the sword {your fortified cities}, in which you trust.

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