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11 Bible Verses about Empty Places

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 69:25

May their camp become desolate and their tents remain unoccupied.

Acts 1:20

"For in the Book of Psalms it is written, "Let his estate be desolate, and let no one live on it,' and, "Let someone else take over his office,'

Isaiah 5:9

The LORD of the Heavenly Armies has declared this so I could hear it: "Surely many houses will become desolate, great and beautiful houses, without occupants.

Judges 4:20

He told her, "Stand in the doorway of the tent, and if anyone comes and asks "Is anybody here?' say "No'."

Exodus 34:3

No one is to come up with you, nor is anyone to be seen anywhere on the mountain. Also, the sheep and cattle are not to graze in front of that mountain."

Leviticus 16:17

"No person is to be there when he enters the Tent of Meeting to make atonement in the sacred place, until he comes out and has made atonement on account of himself, his household, and the entire assembly of Israel.

2 Kings 7:5

So they got up at dusk and went out to the Aramean encampment. But when they arrived at the outskirts of the Aramean encampment, there was no one there!

2 Kings 7:10

So they left, called out to the city gatekeepers, and reported to them: "We went out to the Aramean encampment, and there was nobody there! Not even the sound of men only horses and donkeys tied up, and tents left just as they were!"

Acts 5:23

"We found the prison securely locked and the guards standing at the doors, but when we opened them, we found no one inside."

Matthew 23:38

Look! Your house is left abandoned!

Genesis 2:5

no shrubs had yet grown in the meadows of the earth and no vegetation had sprouted, because the LORD God had not sent rain on the earth and there were no human beings to work the ground.

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