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6 Bible Verses about God Acting Of Old

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 102:25

You established the earth long ago; the heavens are the work of your hands.

Psalm 44:1

God, we heard it with our ears; our ancestors told us about what you did in their day a long time ago.

Psalm 77:11

I will remember the LORD'S deeds; indeed, I will remember your awesome deeds from long ago.

Isaiah 51:9

"Awake! Awake! Clothe yourself with strength, you arm of the LORD! Awake, as in days gone by, as in generations of long ago. Was it not you who split apart Rehob, who pierced that sea monster through?

Isaiah 63:9

In all their distress he wasn't distressed, but the angel of his presence saved them; in his acts of love and in his acts of pity he redeemed them; he carried them and lifted them up all the days of old.

Acts 14:16

In past generations he allowed all the nations to go their own ways,

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