27 Bible Verses about Hurrying Others On

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 141:1

O Yahweh, I have cried unto thee, Make thou haste to me, Give ear unto my voice, when I cry to thee.

Psalm 22:19

But, thou, O Yahweh, be not far off, O my help! to aid me, make haste;

Psalm 40:13

Be pleased, O Yahweh, to rescue me, O Yahweh! to help me, make haste!

Psalm 70:1

Be pleased O God, to rescue me, O Yahweh, to help me - make haste.

Psalm 70:5

But, I, being humbled and needy, O God, haste to me, - My help and my deliverer, art thou, O Yahweh do not tarry.

Psalm 71:12

O God, be not far from me, O my God, to help me, make haste!

Psalm 69:17

Then do not hide thy face from thy servant, Because I am in distress, haste thou - answer me!

Joel 3:11

Give help - and come in, all ye nations on every side, and gather yourselves together, - Thither, bring down, O Yahweh, thy mighty ones!

Genesis 18:6

So Abraham hastened towards the tent unto Sarah, - and said, Hasten thou three measures of fine meal, knead it, and make hearth-cakes.

Genesis 19:22

Haste thee escape thither, for I cannot do anything, until thou have come in thither. For this cause: was the name of the city called Zoar.

Genesis 45:9

Haste ye and go up unto my father, then shall ye say unto him - Thus saith thy son Joseph, God hath appointed me lord to all Egypt, - come down unto me do not delay;

Genesis 45:13

As soon as ye have told my father all my honour in Egypt, and all that ye have seen, so soon shall ye hasten and bring down my father hither.

Exodus 12:33

And the Egyptians became urgent with the people, to send them in haste out of the land, - for they said - We all, are dying.

Exodus 12:39

Then baked they the dough which they had brought out of Egypt - into round unleavened cakes for it had not been leavened, - for they had been driven out of Egypt and could not tarry, and indeed no provisions, had they made ready for themselves.

1 Samuel 9:12

And the young women answered them and said: He is, lo! before you now, even as, to-day, hath he entered the city, for the people have a sacrifice, to-day, in the high place.

1 Samuel 20:38

And Jonathan cried after the lad, Haste thee - be quick, do not stay! so Jonathan's lad picked up the arrows and brought them unto his master.

1 Samuel 23:27

when, a messenger, came unto Saul, saying, - Haste thee and come! for the Philistines have spread over the land.

2 Samuel 15:14

Then said David, to all his servants who were with him in Jerusalem - Arise and let us flee, or we shall have no way of escape from the face of Absolom, - make speed to depart, lest he make speed, and so overtake us, and bring down misfortune upon us, and smite the city with the edge of the sword.

2 Kings 1:11

Then he again sent unto him another captain of fifty, with his fifty. And he also spake and said unto him, O man of God! thus, saith the king, Haste thee, come down!

Esther 5:5

And the king said, Hasten ye Haman, to perform the word of Esther. So the king with Haman came in, unto the banquet which Esther had prepared,

Esther 6:14

While yet they were speaking with him, the eunuchs of the king, had come, - and they hastened to bring Haman, unto the banquet which Esther had prepared.

Daniel 2:15

he began to speak and said to Arioch the king's captain, - For what cause, is the decree raging forth from before the king? Then did Arioch make the matter known unto Daniel.

Song of Solomon 1:4

SHEDraw me! THEYAfter thee, will we run! SHEThe king, hath brought me, into his chambers. THEYWe will exult and rejoice in thee, we will mention thy caresses, beyond wine, Sincerely they love thee.

Luke 19:5

And, as he came up to the place, looking up, Jesus said unto him - Zacchaeus! make haste, and come down; For, to-day, in thy house, I must needs abide.

Acts 22:18

and saw him, saying unto me - Haste thee, and go forth speedily out of Jerusalem, inasmuch as they will not accept thy witness concerning me.

2 Peter 3:12

Expecting and hastening the presence of the day of God, by reason of which, heavens, being on fire, will be dissolved, and, elements, becoming intensely hot, are to be melted;

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