30 Bible Verses about Individuals Being Silent

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 24:21

And the man, looking at her, said nothing, waiting to see if the Lord had given his journey a good outcome.

Genesis 34:5

Now Jacob had word of what Shechem had done to his daughter; but his sons were in the fields with the cattle, and Jacob said nothing till they came.

1 Samuel 20:26

But Saul said nothing that day, for his thought was, Something has taken place making him unclean; it is clear that he is not clean.

Leviticus 10:3

Then Moses said to Aaron, This is what the Lord said, I will be holy in the eyes of all those who come near to me, and I will be honoured before all the people. And Aaron said nothing.

Ruth 1:18

And when she saw that Ruth was strong in her purpose to go with her she said no more.

1 Samuel 10:27

But certain good-for-nothing persons said, How is this man to be our saviour? And having no respect for him, they gave him no offering.

1 Samuel 14:39

For, by the living Lord, the saviour of Israel, even if the sinner is Jonathan, my son, death will certainly be his fate. But not a man among all the people gave him any answer.

2 Samuel 13:20

And her brother Absalom said to her, Has your brother Amnon been with you? but now, let there be an end to your crying, my sister: he is your brother, do not take this thing to heart. So Tamar went on living uncomforted in her brother's house.

2 Samuel 13:22

But Absalom said nothing to his brother Amnon, good or bad: for he was full of hate for him, because he had taken his sister Tamar by force.

1 Kings 18:21

And Elijah came near to all the people and said, How long will you go on balancing between two opinions? if the Lord is God, then give worship to him; but if Baal, give worship to him. And the people said not a word in answer.

2 Kings 18:36

But the people kept quiet and gave him no answer: for the king's order was, Give him no answer.

Isaiah 36:21

But they kept quiet and gave him no answer: for the king's order was, Give him no answer.

Lamentations 2:10

The responsible men of the daughter of Zion are seated on the earth without a word; they have put dust on their heads, they are clothed in haircloth: the heads of the virgins of Jerusalem are bent down to the earth.

Luke 14:4

But they said nothing. And he made him well and sent him away.

Luke 20:26

And they were not able to get anything from these words before the people: but they were full of wonder at his answer, and said nothing.

Mark 9:34

But they said nothing: because they had had an argument between themselves on the way, about who was the greatest.

Acts 15:12

And all the people were quiet while Barnabas and Paul gave an account of the signs and wonders which God had done among the Gentiles by them.

Acts 22:2

And, hearing him talking in the Hebrew language, they became the more quiet, and he said,

Job 29:9

The rulers kept quiet, and put their hands on their mouths;

Job 29:10

The chiefs kept back their words, and their tongues were joined to the roofs of their mouths.

Job 29:22

After I had said what was in my mind, they were quiet and let my words go deep into their hearts;

Job 29:21

Men gave ear to me, waiting and keeping quiet for my suggestions.

Psalm 39:9

I was quiet, and kept my mouth shut; because you had done it.

Psalm 39:1

I said, I will give attention to my ways, so that my tongue may do no wrong; I will keep my mouth under control, while the sinner is before me.

Psalm 39:2

I made no sound, I said no word, even of good; and I was moved with sorrow.

Job 2:13

And they took their seats on the earth by his side for seven days and seven nights: but no one said a word to him, for they saw that his pain was very great.

Job 32:1

So these three men gave no more answers to Job, because he seemed to himself to be right.

John 4:27

At that point the disciples came back, and they were surprised to see him talking to a woman; but not one of them said to him, What is your purpose? or, Why are you talking to her?

John 7:26

And here he is talking openly and they say nothing to him! Is it possible that the rulers have knowledge that this is truly the Christ?

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