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Theasaurus: Jewelry

38 Bible Verses about jewelry

Most Relevant Verses

Ezekiel 16:11

I adorned you with jewelry, putting bracelets on your wrists and a chain around your neck.

Ezekiel 16:12

I put a ring in your nose, earrings on your ears, and a beautiful tiara on your head.

Ezekiel 16:17

You also took your beautiful jewelry made from the gold and silver I had given you, and you made male images so that you could engage in prostitution with them.

Song of Solomon 1:10

Your cheeks are beautiful with jewelry,
your neck with its necklace.

Song of Solomon 1:11

We will make gold jewelry for you,
accented with silver.

Ezekiel 23:26

They will strip off your clothes and take your beautiful jewelry.

Genesis 24:53

Then he brought out objects of silver and gold, and garments, and gave them to Rebekah. He also gave precious gifts to her brother and her mother.

Ezekiel 23:40

“In addition, they sent for men who came from far away when a messenger was dispatched to them. And look how they came! You bathed, painted your eyes, and adorned yourself with jewelry for them.

Proverbs 8:11

For wisdom is better than jewels,
and nothing desirable can compare with it.

Isaiah 3:21

signet rings, nose rings,

Exodus 3:22

Each woman will ask her neighbor and any woman staying in her house for silver and gold jewelry, and clothing, and you will put them on your sons and daughters. So you will plunder the Egyptians.”

Isaiah 3:20

headdresses, ankle jewelry, sashes, perfume bottles, amulets,

Proverbs 20:15

There is gold and a multitude of jewels,
but knowledgeable lips are a rare treasure.

Exodus 12:35

The Israelites acted on Moses’ word and asked the Egyptians for silver and gold jewelry and for clothing.

Isaiah 3:18

On that day the Lord will strip their finery: ankle bracelets, headbands, crescents,

Exodus 32:2

Then Aaron replied to them, “Take off the gold rings that are on the ears of your wives, your sons, and your daughters and bring them to me.”

Ezekiel 7:20

He appointed His beautiful ornaments for majesty,
but they made their abhorrent images from them,
their detestable things.
Therefore, I have made these
into something filthy for them.

Exodus 33:5

For the Lord said to Moses: “Tell the Israelites: You are a stiff-necked people. If I went with you for a single moment, I would destroy you. Now take off your jewelry, and I will decide what to do with you.”

Exodus 35:22

Both men and women came; all who had willing hearts brought brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces, and all kinds of gold jewelry—everyone who waved a presentation offering of gold to the Lord.

Psalm 45:9

Kings’ daughters are among your honored women;
the queen, adorned with gold from Ophir,
stands at your right hand.

Isaiah 49:18

Look up, and look around.
They all gather together; they come to you.
As I live”—
this is the Lord’s declaration—
“you will wear all your children as jewelry,
and put them on as a bride does.

Zechariah 9:16

The Lord their God will save them on that day
as the flock of His people;
for they are like jewels in a crown,
sparkling over His land.

Malachi 3:17

“They will be Mine,” says the Lord of Hosts, “a special possession on the day I am preparing. I will have compassion on them as a man has compassion on his son who serves him.

Matthew 13:45

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls.

Song of Solomon 7:1

How beautiful are your sandaled feet, princess!
The curves of your thighs are like jewelry,
the handiwork of a master.

Proverbs 1:9

for they will be a garland of grace on your head
and a gold chain around your neck.

Ezekiel 16:39

I will hand you over to them, and they will level your mounds and tear down your elevated places. They will strip off your clothes, take your beautiful jewelry, and leave you stark naked.

2 Chronicles 20:25

Then Jehoshaphat and his people went to gather the plunder. They found among them an abundance of goods on the bodies and valuable items. So they stripped them until nobody could carry any more. They were gathering the plunder for three days because there was so much.

Song of Solomon 4:9

You have captured my heart, my sister, my bride.
You have captured my heart with one glance of your eyes,
with one jewel of your necklace.

Genesis 35:4

Then they gave Jacob all their foreign gods and their earrings, and Jacob hid them under the oak near Shechem.

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