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Theasaurus: Lips

87 Bible Verses about Lips

Most Relevant Verses

1 Samuel 1:13

Hannah was speaking to herself, and although her lips were moving, her voice could not be heard. Eli thought she was drunk

Job 15:6

Your own mouth condemns you, not I; your own lips testify against you.

Job 33:3

My words [come from] my upright heart, and my lips speak what they know with sincerity.

Daniel 10:3

I didn't eat any rich food, no meat or wine entered my mouth, and I didn't put any oil [on my body] until the three weeks were over.

Joel 1:5

Wake up, you drunkards, and weep; wail, all you wine drinkers, because of the sweet wine, for it has been taken from your mouth.

John 19:29

A jar full of sour wine was sitting there; so they fixed a sponge full of sour wine on hyssop and held it up to His mouth.

Job 11:5

But if only God would speak and declare His case against you,

Psalm 17:4

Concerning what people do: by the word of Your lips I have avoided the ways of the violent.

Isaiah 30:27

Look, Yahweh comes from far away, His anger burning and heavy with smoke. His lips are full of fury, and His tongue is like a consuming fire.

Isaiah 57:19

creating words of praise." The Lord says, "Peace, peace to the one who is far or near, and I will heal him.

Matthew 21:16

and said to Him, "Do You hear what these [children] are saying?" "Yes," Jesus told them. "Have you never read: You have prepared praise from the mouths of children and nursing infants "?

Psalm 21:2

You have given him his heart's desire and have not denied the request of his lips. Selah

Job 13:6

Hear now my argument, and listen to my defense.

Psalm 17:1

Lord, hear a just cause; pay attention to my cry; listen to my prayer- from lips free of deceit.

Acts 15:7

After there had been much debate, Peter stood up and said to them: "Brothers, you are aware that in the early days God made a choice among you, that by my mouth the Gentiles would hear the gospel message and believe.

Exodus 13:9

Let it serve as a sign for you on your hand and as a reminder on your forehead, so that the law of the Lord may be in your mouth; for the Lord brought you out of Egypt with a strong hand.

Luke 4:22

They were all speaking well of Him and were amazed by the gracious words that came from His mouth, yet they said, "Isn't this Joseph's son?"

Psalm 66:14

that my lips promised and my mouth spoke during my distress.

Numbers 30:6

"If a woman marries while her vows or the rash commitment she herself made are binding,

Deuteronomy 23:23

Be careful to do whatever comes from your lips, because you have freely vowed what you promised to the Lord your God.

Psalm 40:9

I proclaim righteousness in the great assembly; see, I do not keep my mouth closed -as You know, Lord.

Psalm 119:13

With my lips I proclaim all the judgments from Your mouth.

Luke 22:71

"Why do we need any more testimony," they said, "since we've heard it ourselves from His mouth?"

Job 16:5

I would encourage you with my mouth, and the consolation from my lips would bring relief.

Proverbs 10:21

The lips of the righteous feed many, but fools die for lack of sense.

Job 8:21

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with a shout of joy.

Psalm 71:23

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to You, because You have redeemed me.

Exodus 6:12

But Moses said in the Lord's presence: "If the Israelites will not listen to me, then how will Pharaoh listen to me, since I am such a poor speaker?"

Habakkuk 3:16

I heard, and I trembled within; my lips quivered at the sound. Rottenness entered my bones; I trembled where I stood. Now I must quietly wait for the day of distress to come against the people invading us.

Psalm 106:33

for they embittered his spirit, and he spoke rashly with his lips.

Job 6:30

Am I lying, or can I not recognize lies?

Psalm 59:12

The sin of their mouths is the word of their lips, so let them be caught in their pride. They utter curses and lies.

Psalm 140:9

As for the heads of those who surround me, let the trouble their lips cause overwhelm [them].

Proverbs 16:30

The one who narrows his eyes is planning deceptions; the one who compresses his lips brings about evil.

Proverbs 5:3

Though the lips of the forbidden woman drip honey and her words are smoother than oil,

Proverbs 17:4

A wicked person listens to malicious talk; a liar pays attention to a destructive tongue.

Proverbs 18:6-7

A fool's lips lead to strife, and his mouth provokes a beating. A fool's mouth is his devastation, and his lips are a trap for his life.

Psalm 120:2

"Lord, deliver me from lying lips and a deceitful tongue."

Isaiah 59:3

For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, and you mutter injustice.

Psalm 12:2-3

They lie to one another; they speak with flattering lips and deceptive hearts. May the Lord cut off all flattering lips and the tongue that speaks boastfully.

Psalm 50:16

But God says to the wicked: "What right do you have to recite My statutes and to take My covenant on your lips?

Proverbs 26:23-24

Smooth lips with an evil heart are like glaze on an earthen vessel. A hateful person disguises himself with his speech and harbors deceit within.

Jeremiah 12:2

You planted them, and they have taken root. They have grown and produced fruit. You are ever on their lips, but far from their conscience.

Mark 7:6

He answered them, "Isaiah prophesied correctly about you hypocrites, as it is written: These people honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.

Proverbs 12:19

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue, only a moment.

Proverbs 8:6-7

Listen, for I speak of noble things, and what my lips say is right. For my mouth tells the truth, and wickedness is detestable to my lips.

Proverbs 16:13

Righteous lips are a king's delight, and he loves one who speaks honestly.

Proverbs 23:16

My innermost being will cheer when your lips say what is right.

Jeremiah 17:16

But I have not run away from being Your shepherd, and I have not longed for the fatal day. You know my words were spoken in Your presence.

Malachi 2:6-7

True instruction was in his mouth, and nothing wrong was found on his lips. He walked with Me in peace and fairness and turned many from sin. For the lips of a priest should guard knowledge, and people should seek instruction from his mouth, because he is the messenger of the Lord of Hosts.

Proverbs 10:32

The lips of the righteous know what is appropriate, but the mouth of the wicked, [only] what is perverse.

Proverbs 10:13

Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning, but a rod is for the back of the one who lacks sense.

Proverbs 15:7

The lips of the wise broadcast knowledge, but not so the heart of fools.

Proverbs 20:15

There is gold and a multitude of jewels, but knowledgeable lips are a rare treasure.

Proverbs 22:17-18

Listen closely, pay attention to the words of the wise, and apply your mind to my knowledge. For it is pleasing if you keep them within you and if they are constantly on your lips.

Proverbs 12:14

A man will be satisfied with good by the words of his mouth, and the work of a man's hands will reward him.

Proverbs 13:2

From the words of his mouth, a man will enjoy good things, but treacherous people have an appetite for violence.

Proverbs 18:20

From the fruit of his mouth a man's stomach is satisfied; he is filled with the product of his lips.

Exodus 23:13

"Pay strict attention to everything I have said to you. You must not invoke the names of other gods; they must not be heard on your lips.

Isaiah 6:7

He touched my mouth [with it] and said: Now that this has touched your lips, your wickedness is removed, and your sin is atoned for.

Hosea 2:17

For I will remove the names of the Baals from her mouth; they will no longer be remembered by their names.

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My words [come from] my upright heart, and my lips speak what they know with sincerity.

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She seduces him with her persistent pleading; she lures with her flattering talk.

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