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10 Bible Verses about Perfection Of Creation

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 1:10

God called the dry ground "land," and he called the water that had come together "oceans." And God saw how good it was.

Genesis 1:12

Vegetation sprouted all over the earth, including seed-bearing plants and fruit trees, each kind containing its own seed. And God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:18

to differentiate between day and night, and to distinguish light from darkness. And God saw how good it was.

Genesis 1:21

So God created every kind of magnificent marine creature, every kind of living marine crawler with which the waters swarmed, and every kind of flying creature. And God saw how good it was.

Genesis 1:25

God made each kind of the earth's animals, along with every kind of livestock and crawling thing. And God saw how good it was.

Psalm 145:17

The LORD is righteous in all of his ways and graciously loving in all of his activities.

Ecclesiastes 7:29

I have discovered only this: God made human beings for righteousness, but they seek many alternatives."

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