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Theasaurus: Porches

10 Bible Verses about Porches

Most Relevant Verses

John 10:23

and Jesus was walking around in the Temple inside the open porch of Solomon.

John 5:2

Near the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem is a pool called Bethesda in Hebrew. It has five colonnades,

Judges 3:23

Then Ehud left the cool chamber in the direction of the vestibule, shutting and locking the doors behind him.

1 Kings 6:3

A portico extended in front of the Temple for 20 cubits outward, corresponding to the width of the Temple. Along the front of the Temple its depth was ten cubits.

1 Chronicles 28:11

At this point in his address, David transferred to his son Solomon the construction plans for the Hall of Justice, its buildings, its treasure vaults, its upper rooms, its inner chambers, the housing for the Mercy Seat,

Ezekiel 40:7

Each guardhouse measured one reed long and one reed wide, and the distance between each guardhouse was five cubits. The threshold of the gate near the vestibule facing away from the Temple entrance measured one reed.

Acts 3:11

While he was holding on to Peter and John, all the people came running to them in what was called "Solomon's Colonnade". They were dumbfounded.

Joel 2:17

As they serve between the porch and the altar, let the priests and ministers of the LORD weep and pray: "Spare your people, LORD, and do not make your heritage a disgrace so that nations ridicule them. Why should they say among the people, "Where is their God?"'"

2 Chronicles 3:4

A portico extended in front of the Temple for its entire width of 20 cubits, and was 120 cubits high. Inside he had it overlaid with pure gold.

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