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19 Bible Verses about Being Reproved

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 44:13

You made us a laughing stock to our neighbors, a source of mockery and derision to those around us.

Psalm 89:50-51

Remember, Lord, the reproach of your servant! I carry inside me all the insults of many people, when your enemies reproached you, LORD, when they reproached the footsteps of your anointed.

Psalm 69:19

Truly you know my reproach, shame, and disgrace. All my enemies are known to you.

Psalm 102:8

My enemies revile me all day long; those who ridicule me use my name to curse.

Job 20:3

Whenever I hear an insulting rebuke, I respond from my spirit because I understand."

Psalm 109:25

I have become an object of derision to them they shake their heads whenever they see me.

Lamentations 3:30

He will endure being slapped in the face, bringing him public disgrace.

Lamentations 5:1

LORD, remember what has happened to us. Pay attention, and look at our shame!

Psalm 55:12-13

For it is not an enemy who insults me I could have handled that nor is it someone who hates me and who now arises against me I could have hidden myself from him but it is you a man whom I treated as my equal my personal confidant, my close friend!

Acts 28:22

However, we'd like to hear from you what you believe, because people are talking against this sect everywhere."

Isaiah 51:7

Listen to me, you who know righteousness, you people who have my instruction in their hearts. Don't fear the insults of mortals, and don't be dismayed at their hateful words.

Jeremiah 15:15

You are aware LORD, remember me, pay attention to me, and vindicate me in front of those who pursue me. You are patient don't take me away. Know that I suffer insult because of you!

Joel 2:17

As they serve between the porch and the altar, let the priests and ministers of the LORD weep and pray: "Spare your people, LORD, and do not make your heritage a disgrace so that nations ridicule them. Why should they say among the people, "Where is their God?"'"

Zephaniah 3:18

I will gather the afflicted from the solemn assembly; those who were with you, who were bearing a burden of disgrace.

2 Peter 2:16

But he was rebuked for his offense. A donkey that normally cannot talk spoke with a human voice and restrained the prophet's insanity.

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