10 Bible Verses about Purchasing

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 49:32

In the rock in the field which was got for a price from the people of Heth.

Ruth 4:10

And, further, I have taken Ruth, the Moabitess, who was the wife of Mahlon, to be my wife, to keep the name of the dead man living in his heritage, so that his name may not be cut off from among his countrymen, and from the memory of his town: you are witnesses this day.

Exodus 15:16

Fear and grief came on them; by the strength of your arm they were turned to stone; till your people went over, O Lord, till the people went over whom you have made yours.

Acts 8:20

But Peter said, May your money come to destruction with you, because you had the idea that what is freely given by God may be got for a price.

Ezekiel 27:12-23

Tarshish did business with you because of the great amount of your wealth; they gave silver, iron, tin, and lead for your goods. Javan, Tubal, and Meshech were your traders; they gave living men and brass vessels for your goods. The people of Togarmah gave horses and war-horses and transport beasts for your goods.read more.
The men of Rodan were your traders: a great number of sea-lands did business with you: they gave you horns of ivory and ebony as an offering. Edom did business with you because of the great number of things which you made; they gave emeralds, purple, and needlework, and the best linen and coral and rubies for your goods. Judah and the land of Israel were your traders; they gave grain of Minnith and sweet cakes and honey and oil and perfume for your goods. Damascus did business with you because of the great amount of your wealth, with wine of Helbon and white wool. ... for your goods: they gave polished iron and spices for your goods. Dedan did trade with you in cloths for the backs of horses. Arabia and all the rulers of Kedar did business with you; in lambs and sheep and goats, in these they did business with you. The traders of Sheba and Raamah did trade with you; they gave the best of all sorts of spices and all sorts of stones of great price and gold for your goods. Haran and Canneh and Eden, the traders of Asshur and all the Medes:

Genesis 47:20

So Joseph got all the land in Egypt for Pharaoh; for every Egyptian gave up his land in exchange for food, because of their great need; so all the land became Pharaoh's.

2 Samuel 24:24

And the king said to Araunah, No, but I will give you a price for it; I will not give to the Lord my God burned offerings for which I have given nothing. So David got the grain-floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.

Jeremiah 32:6-15

And Jeremiah said, The word of the Lord came to me, saying, See, Hanamel, the son of Shallum, your father's brother, will come to you and say, Give the price and get for yourself my property in Anathoth: for you have the right of the nearest relation. So Hanamel, the son of my father's brother, came to me, as the Lord had said, to the place of the armed watchmen, and said to me, Give the price and get my property which is in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin: for you have the nearest relation's right to the heritage; so get it for yourself. Then it was clear to me that this was the word of the Lord.read more.
So I got for a price the property in Anathoth from Hanamel, the son of my father's brother, and gave him the money, seventeen shekels of silver; And I put it in writing, stamping it with my stamp, and I took witnesses and put the money into the scales. So I took the paper witnessing the business, one copy rolled up and stamped, and one copy open: And I gave the paper to Baruch, the son of Neriah, the son of Mahseiah, before the eyes of Hanamel, the son of my father's brother, and of the witnesses who had put their names to the paper, and before all the Jews who were seated in the place of the armed watchmen. And I gave orders to Baruch in front of them, saying, This is what the Lord of armies, the God of Israel, has said: Take these papers, the witness of this business, the one which is rolled up and stamped, and the one which is open; and put them in a vessel of earth so that they may be kept for a long time. For the Lord of armies, the God of Israel, has said, There will again be trading in houses and fields and vine-gardens in this land.

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