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10 Bible Verses about Regretting Birth

Most Relevant Verses

Job 3:1

After this, Job spoke up solemnly, cursing the day he was born.

Job 3:3

"Let the day when I was born be annihilated, along with the night when it was announced, "It's a boy!'

Job 3:11

Why didn't I die while I was still in the womb, or die while I was being born?

Jeremiah 20:14

Let the day on which I was born be cursed. Don't let the day on which my mother gave birth to me be blessed.

Jeremiah 15:10

How terrible for me, my mother, that you gave birth to me, a man of strife and contention for the whole land! I've neither lent nor borrowed, yet everyone curses me.

Job 10:18

So why did you bring me out from the womb? I wish I had died, before anyone had seen me,

Jeremiah 20:18

Why did I ever come out of the womb to see trouble and sorrow, and to finish my life living in shame?

John 9:34

They asked him, "You were born a sinner and you are trying to instruct us?" And they threw him out.

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