Regretting Birth

Most Relevant Verses

Job 3:1

Afterward Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth.

Job 3:3

"Let the day perish on which I was to be born, And the night which said, 'A boy is conceived.'

Job 3:11

"Why did I not die at birth, Come forth from the womb and expire?

Jeremiah 20:14

Cursed be the day when I was born; Let the day not be blessed when my mother bore me!

Jeremiah 15:10

Woe to me, my mother, that you have borne me As a man of strife and a man of contention to all the land! I have not lent, nor have men lent money to me, Yet everyone curses me.

Job 10:18

'Why then have You brought me out of the womb? Would that I had died and no eye had seen me!

Jeremiah 20:18

Why did I ever come forth from the womb To look on trouble and sorrow, So that my days have been spent in shame?

John 9:34

They answered him, "You were born entirely in sins, and are you teaching us?" So they put him out.

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